Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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Talin Büyükkürkciyan
One of the initiators and coordinator of TRANSiT > iSTANBUL, Talin is a dancer, choreographer and a founding member of ÇATI, Contemporary Dance Artists Association.

She graduated from European Dance Development Center and participated in the Cultural Management Program of the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University in Holland.

She has worked with David Zambrano, Wim Vandekeybus, Jan Marushi, Esther Gal, Martin Sonderkamp, Marcus Grolle, Kirstie Simson on improvisation and composition and with Marry O’Donnel, Eva Karczak, Tony Tacher on release technique, tai-chi , chi- kung, alexander technique and hands on.

She presented her work in Turkey and abroad such as Tünel Street Art Festival, Istanbul; ODTÜ Contemporary Dance Festival Ankara; at the Gümrü Biennal of Yerevan; at Faro Portugal, Düsseldorf, Marseille and Girona.

In April 2007 she presented her solo work in Londondery Echo Echo Dance Theater. Lately in May 2007 her latest work "Topsyturvy" was performed in Istanbul Dance Festival. She is invited to " Pic-nic/ Art Festival in Artena, Italy to present her solo "Urgent and it has always been urgent" in September.

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