Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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Dear Friend of The Triangle Project,

Come and join our Potluck Dinner!
The concept of a Potluck dinner is an Native American custom, where each person
coming to the dinner brings their own special dish to share with the others.
We ask you to come to our dinner with a dish of food that you love and want to share
with rest of the guests. Since there will be many different nationalities at the
dinner, expect a variety of different food, including appetizers and dessert.
Please also bring your own drink of choice.

We look forward to share and taste with you.

Bon Apetit!

Jacob - The Triangle Project

Julie - Caravansarai :

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Sevgili Arkadaşlar,

Gelin ve bizimle Potluck Yemeğimize katılın!

Bir Amerikan geleneği olan Potluck yemeği, konsept olarak, katılan her kişinin kendi hazırladığı bir tabak yemekle geldiği ve bu yemeği diğerleriyle paylaştığı bir etkinliktir.
Biz de sizi, bu etkinliğimize sevdiğiniz bir yemeğinizle katılmaya ve bu yemeğinizi diğerleriyle paylaşmaya davet ediyoruz.

Etkinlikte birçok farklı milletten davetlilerimiz olacağından, oldukça fazla çeşit değişik yemek bulabileceğinizi unutmayın; buna mezeler ve tatlılar da dahil.

Lütfen gelirken kendi tercihiniz olan bir içeceğinizi de yanınıza alır mısınız?

Sizleri yemeğimizde görmeyi ve tatlarımızı paylaşmayı umuyoruz.

Afiyet Olsun!



Gazi Peker

Gazi Peker is a Kurd from Turkey living in Denmark, being the first Kurdish/Turkish/Danish artist playing electronic music. In early 2008 he released his debut CD named "Kismet". The music is in the electronica / ambient genre with an ethnic dimension.

Kismet is produced as a soundtrack album for a screen play by the same name. It’s a one-man project, involving guest musicians such as Sivan Perwer, John Villadsen, Aynur Peker, Sven Pors, Tara P. Kramtøft and others.

Gazi Peker is today one of Denmark's busiest DJ's playing ethnic and lounge music.

On the Web:

Hülya Ucar - A Triangle Project Artist

I'm a Turkish woman, who was born and brought up in
Denmark. This gives me a double perspective, hereby I
don´t mean that everyone with a bi-cultural background
necesarely have the thoughts and perspectives that I have.
I know that I am very special in many ways and also very sensitive.

Sometimes I write short stories and poems.
Poems in Danish and short stories in Turkish.
I'm also in a film association club, called World
Cinema DK. Here we choose film from around the world to show Danes different cultures in order to help the integration of Danes and ethnic minorities.

What I really want to do with my art is to create
political and social awareness. Human rights and ethnic rights in
a Western European multicultural setting.


Visuals and innocuous pranks can take you faraway places.
VJ Polly and Ester (ak. Mai Sydendal and Tina Helen) heading for Istanbul.

"I went to get a loan and they asked my race
I wrote down human inside the space"

Beastie Boys “To The Five Boroughs”

Exclusive for the Triangle project (part 4) in Istanbul we have created a limited edition of mixtapes - 22 to be exact! The tapes are based on material from Danish arties like Gustav Winckler, Keld Heick, Johnny Reimar, Gitte Hænning, Anne Grete and many more. Cut into pieces and randomly mixed together the tapes create a mosaic of what some would characterise "the Danish music-treasure". The tapes includes tunes like "Rocken gav mig alt" (Rock music gave me everything), "Spil Whist igen" (Play Whist again), "Jeg gir mit humør en gang lak" (I'll apply some vanish to my mood), "Hils fra mig derhjemme" (Say hello from me at home) and "Lidt go' musik gør alle glade" (A little music makes everybody happy). We will hand out the tapes at the exhibition closing date. Don't miss!

By: Halfdan Mouritzen and Tina Helen


Mille Kalsmose-Hjelmborg

Video: “Who do you THINK you are” - 2008

Mille Kalsmose-Hjelmborg is making art on the borders between the traditional genres and traditional concept of art on the one side, and art as a genuine part of our lived lives, on the other.

Her work is staged as an enquiry of what it is - actions, decisions, history, a moment in time - that makes us ourselves. Her work is conceptual, but also grounded in process, as her every day life has a direct influence on her artworks. In this sense Mille’ s work is autobiographical: the artworks and reality are intimately connected in the process of creation.

She creates new connections between the individual world of experience, and the social reality permanently changing.
Here we exist in a constant tension between loosing our identity through the innumerable social relations and networks in which we are constantly being absorbed, and the need to confront this process of demolition through the permanent reshaping of our own identity.
It is crucial that this reshaping must not be an excluding process negatively directed towards the other person, but in stead must be able to receive him in his unique existence.

Thus new concepts of individual identity must be developed leading to binding social relations, and this is the task that Mille Kalsmose-Hjelmborg undertakes through her art.

By Ole Fogh Kirkeby



The Triangle Project Part 4 – Fill In Blank Space

I went to get a loan and they asked my race
I wrote down human inside the space

Beastie Boys “To The Five Boroughs”

The fourth episode of The Triangle Project Adventure is subtitled: Fill In Blank Space.
The title opens up onto an understanding of space that playfully challenges the given notions of urban space.

The order to fill in the blank space raises different connotations. On one hand to a civic (perhaps even restraining) system of formulas and information retrieval attempting to formulate and control the urban landscape and culture, on the other hand the title opens up to a more positive blank space of possibility.

The blank space is used as a method to transform any predefined space into a blank space; a piece of white paper; a clean slate; a new common ground from where new ideas can grow and blossom.
The blank space turns our ideas of space and space belongings, upside down and leaves the clear definition behind in favor of the empty potential space; the space in which a true meeting can occur.

The blank space is honest to the potentiality of the meeting between cities, cultures and people, erasing all prejudices and stereotypical notions beforehand.
The blank space can be found (or claimed) in the art space, the club scene or in public.
The blank space is not yet defined; it is for everybody to fill in…

The Artists:

Ari Alpert
Jørgen Bitsch
Rasmus Bjørn
Theis Wendt
Gordon İnc
Claus Ankersen
Therese Mørch-Jørgensen
Mai Ulrikka Sydendal
Søren Thilo Funder
Mille Kalsmose-Hjelmborg
Polly & Ester
Jon E. Nyholm
Ditte Hegelund
Lili Badawi
Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen
İlhan Sayın
Banu Birecikligil
Boysan Yakar
Güneş Resul
Bahar Onan
Hülya Ucar
Barış Ger
Nilgün Sabar
Halfdan Mouritzen
Tina Helen

Gallery exhibition at
Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları
Gazeteci Erol Dernek Sokak, No 11/4 Hanif Han, 34420 Beyoğlu İstanbul

Opening Event September 26th 2008
More info:
Triangle Project Part 4 – Fill in Blank Space
On the Streets

- intents and purposes

As Triangle Project returns to Istanbul, it's with an almost entirely new group of Danish artists and musicians representing a different part of the Danish underground cultural scene: people who take the streets as a natural setting for creation. Over the past year, this art form has seen a major revival and represents one of the most interesting cultural developments in Copenhagen in recent years. It is this experience we want to bring with us to Istanbul. Our main aim will therefore be to take Triangle out of the clubs and galleries and into the streets.

The Global Village?

With the overall purpose of the Triangle Project being a meeting between cultures, it's interesting to note that clubs and galleries often end up as representatives of a Global Village. This, in the sense that no matter how great the geographical distance, they are still the harbingers of cultural similarity. This is displayed in the social groupings that show up, the established rules for interaction, product orientation, at least a semi-commercial context and to some degree also the same artistic and musical tendencies.

That's not to say that they have nothing to offer! They often provide the financial basis as well as a socially and legally acceptable framework for developing and exhibiting new cultural tendencies. Still there's no doubt that something does get lost in that process – and it is this something we want to regain as a complement to the other parts of the project.


The advantages of working in the public space are manifold. We'll be able to reach a wider spectrum of the population. The art work and music will be forced to interact with and reflect on the local context. This will put the process – as opposed to a finished product – at the forefront of the project. The unpredictability of the situation will also enable us to regain an aspect of spontaneity that often gets lost when trapped between four walls.
So artistically speaking, the project is based on a set of dogmas that can be summed up as:

  • Public Space

  • Target group: wider spectrum of the population

  • Interaction

  • Process-oriented
  • Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.)

The Streets as a cultural meeting

For the three days of this project, everybody will meet up with an open mind, limited materials, divide into groups and prepare for excursions to different locations in Istanbul. Depending on the possibilities, one can expect projections from a ”cinema in a bag”, distorted radio transmissions, street art a'la jewels, posters, chalk paintings, pearl workshops, printing workshops, mobile acoustic jam sessions... and anything you might want to add.

We hope a lot of people from Istanbul will join in. Either by defining their own street interventions, contributing to some of ours, providing us with know-how, documenting the different events, helping us with translations and communication ... or simply for having a good time.

The intention is to create situations that will redraw a pre-defined public space and turn it into a blank space to be filled in by everybody anew. It thereby becomes an empty potential space that can constitute the foundation for a new and more direct form of communication – a tool used to create the basis for a more unmediated meeting between cultures.

Even in Copenhagen, these types of interventions have unpredictable outcomes. By putting ourselves in a context that we know near to nothing about, it becomes almost impossible to second guess. This is pushed to the limit by the fact that we have no permissions to do street happenings. Nor do we have a budget to rely on. Still it is also on the streets that we'll learn most about both the cultural differences and similarities.The uncertainty and unpredictability of the project therefore not only represents its greatest challenge – artistically, culturally and socially – but is precisely what gives it its greatest potential.

Lili & Ditte - See you in Istanbul!


To provide a practical foundation for Triangle on the Streets, we've integrated it with the other locations in the project.

Sunday 21th – Friday 26th

”Triangle Pt. 4 - Fill in the Blank Space” gallery exhibition at Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları
Gazeteci Erol Dernek Sokak, No 11/4 Hanif Han, 34420 Beyoğlu İstanbul
Group exhibition with works by both Danish and Turkish artists. This will provide a presentation of the Danish artists and musicians and a space to interact with Turkish artists.
Friday 26th (18:00-22:00)

Opening/Closing party at Karşı Sanat

Opening talk explaining about the project and plans


Acoustic jam with Ali Kaj

Ladybox (dj)
Bitmobilen (live)
DJ Gazi
DJ St. Marcus

This will provide the possibility for all the Danish and Turkish artists, musicians and other curious people to meet up, get a feel for the project and possibly plan the next few days.


Triangle Project Pt. 4 - Fill in Blank Space - electronic

Erol Dernek Sok. No:11/1 Hanif Han Apt. - Beyoğlu

Ladybox (dj)
Bitmobilen (live)

DJ Gazi & DJ Triangle Lover
DJ Ari

DJ St. Marcus

DJ Taylan (AUF)
Saturday 27th

13:00 - 16:00 Meet at Dogzstarz for
the preparation for daily street happenings

16:00 - 22:00 Street music, art and work shops in the area of Akarsu cd. Beyoglu

Anybody interested should show up, contribute with their own project, collaborate with one of the groups or just come along to help out with translation or documentation
Dogzstar (22:00-04:00)
Triangle Project Pt. 4 - Fill in Blank Space – mash up
Ali Kaj (live)
Ladybox (dj)

Bitmobilen (live)
Fidel Astro
DJ St. Marcus

Reality Rocks

Polly & Ester
Jon E. Nyholm

Sunday 28th

13.00: 16:00 meet at Dogzstar's for preparations
16:00 - 19:00 Street music, art and work shops in the area of Akarsu cd. Beyoglu

19:00 New York Street Food Potluck Dinner

A food culture collaboration between The Triangle Project's Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen
and Active Ingredient's Julie Upmeyer.

For more information and directions:
The Triangle Project Facebook Group
Tuesday 30th
13.00 meet at Dogzstar
for preparation for the final street party:Building instruments, city wall projections.....Everybody is very welcome to join in!

20:00 Final Street Party a'la Seker Bayram at Galata Square
...celebrating the end of Ramadan

Acoustic jams, live music sets, DJ-sets, visuals on the walls, and different art projects. All the art works from the street projects will be given out or used for decorating the streets. Come and help us!



THEIS WENDT - A Triangle Artist

My work deals with the understanding of space and human behaviour. Hierarchy, architectural and social relations are challenged and staged in spaces where “reality” and abstracted forms are merged together in another space.

Figures that we know perform actions out of its usual context, showing no clue of logical behavioural systems, in spaces where floating and sometimes almost organic holes creates an idea of something else.

A gap in time, a flaw in architecture, an empty face and twisted social environments are presented through drawings, paintings, installations or whatever media fits the context of the piece.

I seek and wish to present works that moves in and out of contemporary discourses, raising questions on the ideas of right and wrong, but never presented in a dictating way.

Gordon Inc.

I am Gordon Inc. Danish writer and multi-artist, 44, named after the American cartoon-hero Flash Gordon.

I have written 3 books, done numerous spoken word-shows and movies, castrated myself in public television and exhibited myself naked in a glass cage for 32 days at an art-gallery under the title "Man is the greatest work of art."

I am in Istanbul to seek inspiration and knowledge and do a spoken word preaching about the unifications of all religions, hopefully in the Hagia Sophia.

After my visit to Istanbul I will travel on to Aleppo, Damaskus, Bagdad and Iran.

I come as a friendly ambassador from Denmark. I consider myself as a spiritual rock`n`roller.
My mission is to re-brand the name of Denmark in a positive way in the middle east.

On the Web:
facebook: Claus Winther
Youtube films


Istanbul på Bryggen

- Support Event for the Triangle artists going to Istanbul for Part 4

Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Orkestar Baxtalo Live

Kite Builder

DJ Gazi

Citadel also celebrated their 5th anniversary

We would like to thank FULL HOUSE & UNIFOOD for supporting the event

Bitmobilen LIVE at Islandbrygges Kulturhus 5th of September 2008

Things said about Bitmobilen:

"Der er helt anderledes fart over feltet, da den unge danske duo Bitmobilen på miniscenen giver sig i kast med deres gamle Gameboys omdannet til primitive spillemaskiner. Med morsomheder som 'Der er fandeme ikke nogen, der skal købe vores musik lovligt' og et uregerligt kropssprog er det komplet lige meget, hvor meget af deres musik der er håndspillet eller ej. For i kroppenes rasende begejstring og musikkens unge opdagelse - stadig i sin kompositoriske verden - er der grøn energi nok til en hel festival. En værdig afslutning på campingteltets fortrinsvise opdyrkning af den danske talentmasse."

Quote: Ralf Christensen i Information d. 18.august

Danish Artist and intergalactic traveller, working situationistically with spokenwords and live-literature, poetry, fiction, installation, video- and soundscapes, painting and various cross-over forms. Originally educated in Cultural Anthropology and Communications at Universities in Aarhus (AAU), Copenhagen (KU) and Santa Barbara (UCSB), Claus Ankersen constantly examines and questions the human condition. Claus Ankersen has been instrumental in the development of Danish spoken word, and is a legendary figure in Danish Slam Poetry, although he only competes with him self and his artistic strive towards deeper understanding of man.


Claus Ankersen is a multifacetted artistic and creative fountainhead, he works situationalistically, exploring and channeling the chaotic here and now into text, spoken words, sound- and videoscapes, installation, paintings or whatever expression suits.

As part of the triangle project # 4, I will exhibit video installation and do live performance in clubs and outdoor. I will seek to coorperate with the tyrkish artists. I will also do live painting outside.
I will try to create new material while in Istanbul, reflecting the contextual atmosphere. I would love to cooperate with musicians and dj's performing spokenword poetry in clubs or outdoor
I would love to work with artists, creating artwork and installation in situ
I would also like to cook
I would love to show videoinstallations outside, projected onto walls
Also live outdoor performance poetry, lovely to coop. with tyrkish poets and performers as well
I believe in being togetherness and would like to continue and explore further the relationships founded during The Triangle Project part # 2 and # 3
I am also in continuos process of documenting and reflecting upon The Triangle in words and works


Like New York, Istanbul is several worlds in one. But perhaps even more segregated onto fragments with little or no interaction. Thus we are dealing with hyper-fragmentet cultural realities in the
same city, with an enormus difference betwen rich and poor, between classes and kinds.

Writing these lines, I am compelled to explore this dynamic by deploying a matter-out-of-place tactic, pondering the quirky effects it could have to present art -in contexts where the majority of art
consumption is somewhat differently focussed. Taking the arts to the streets is one thing, taking the street art into the fine salons, is another. Thus presenting revolutionary spokenword monologues for an upper-class segment, for instance will have a greater impact, than if presented in a street culture: Examples:
Dinner readings – I would like to read for people while they eat (private contexts)
TV and Broadcast – To reach as great a segment as possible
Executive VIP readings

Put poetry on the streets
Put poetry everywhere

Another thing I would like to do, is live commenting people in the streets with megaphone or PA (everybody with' green hair, please report to the mayors office at this instant, everybody with moustaches.. etc.. perhaps in cooperation with a turkish artist that can do instant translation and shout the same in turkish..or the opposite)

Summing up these lines, I am all for communitas and coorperation, curious, creative and focussed on playfully grasping a hold of the big old here-and-now, and see how it can be molded into some kind of expression, making a point, and hopefully making a difference.


Therese Mørch-Jørgensen

With the opportunity for constant presence, I see jewellery as pure potential!! Potential to not only adorn & distinguish ourselves, but to move, to remind, to manifest, to save, to flash or reveal, it is potential to react, question, push, pull, kick, scream, touch, play & experience in a world much defined by our belongings -if not our longing to belong…

The work is mainly based on curiosities and questioning of the world around me. I seek to create profound connections between the wearer and the jewellery, thus generating physical and metaphorical contact to the self when worn.

Utilising the fact that there is a quite intimate relation between the jewellery and the wearer, as well as the fact that jewellery has the ability to seduce the viewer, remarks, juxtapositions and curious investigations can be made on personal value and signal value through jewellery. I see the body as a very obvious medium for carrying reflections on the human condition, as well as showing social and visual influences of our time. These influences may show as a questioning of the conventional and general perceptions i.e. by using the symbolism of leaving a mark -as when passing on something which is precious to us.

My choices of materials vary according to the character and scale of project।

Mai Ulrikka Sydendal

..loves everything that entertains the eye.
makes films and photos with a focus on analogue media like 8mm and old cameras and paper film.
biggest passion is animation!
mostly makes stop motion, cut out and experimental animation
but also does some work on computer sometimes...
is inspired by animations, toys and drawings from the 70s and before.
collects a lot of things...
really love animals!
and colors and comics and the countryside
old houses and dirty streets and city life

The Film: Pink Pyramid