Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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Fuck, Boysan

I thought you were on a selfie spree

with a dear lover, new hair or

one of those, oh boy, so boyinsan-ish

'wuhu, here's a diamond flash from a deep cave'


expressions you threw

like so many flame spears of life burning

through peoples eyes, lenses, screens, lost days and the whole




mingled timezone thingie you rode

like a twinsexed mercury high on a white winged horse

but, oh boy, wonderchild, Boysan

you fucking died, Boysan

riding a car on the freeway

and the selfie spree

pictorial tears of the left ones


for your presence, while you took off.

Could it be, Boysan

you took a detour, Boysan

up north to daneland, Boysan

where you once married

a worm and a bird

and stood up in high heels

in drag for the human right

to love freely

in the name of the most high

priestess, Boysan, princess, Boysan

after we shared a bottle of scotch

with the resident priest, Boysan

because it was too cool for fanatic school


Are you sitting next to me now

watching me write this tribute



stroking my hair

waving it all off

basking on

in the sunlight, Boysan


brother from another mother

let's go have a smoke and a beer.




Panel debate about the new art platform "Intentional Art""

In the panel:

- Ole Fogh Kirkeby is a Danish philosopher and a professor at Copenhagen Business School in the Philosophy of Leadership.

- Gry Worre Hallberg operates in the intersection of performance art, research, activism and future studies continuously executed in 1:1 co-created experiments such as Dome of Visions, Sisters Academy and In100Y.

- Jonathan Lang  has spent more than 10 years in marketing working with hologram projection, emerging technologies, digital, social and all that other stuff healthy, ambitious, young, marketing professionals should be doing, for clients all over the world.

Jonas Hvid Søndergaard graduated from The Royal Danish Art Academy as a painter.

-Claus Ankersen is a writer, performer and spoken-word artist who studied Communivation and Philosophy at Aarhus University and University of California in Santa Barbara, along with Anthropology at Copenhagen University.

Rasmus Nordqvist, Chairman of the board of The Alternative. Rasmus works as designer and teacher within fashion design.(since this was produced in 2014, he is now in Parliment for The Alternative)

- Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen is an artist, curator and project manager of several cultural projects initiated by the Dansih Cultural Institute. He is also a Candidate for the new Danish political party "The Alternative".

Hosted by Christian Gade Bjerrum

More info about the panel debate and the participants HERE

Gry Worre Hallberg talks about the Sisters Academy & Sisters Hope



The above video is from The Triangle Project's 2014 event at Dome of Vision by Meeto from Wemakecolors. It was a wonderful day and we look forward to the 23rd of May 2015 for another version.

There following artists will be exhibiting and performing:


The images in this post of Franka is shot by Taylan Yilmaz who is our Istanbul Triangle artist in New York. He shot the images as stills for his music video he did with Franka during the 2014 New York version of the The Triangle Project.

The stills from the video is for the song "YOUR SISTER" that was show in Brooklyn in spring of 2014. FRANKA has since last year toured around Denmark, been back to New York to produce another music video and also played on the Faroe Islands, where she has a huge fanbase that loves her to pieces. This time around she will be playing several new songs.

More about FRANKA HERE


Gry Worre Hallberg is the curator of Dome of Visions, a Triangle artist and co-founder of the Intentional Art project Sisters Hope. She will talk about her latest Intentional Art projects, that are currently being produced in schools and cultural institutions in Denmark and Sweden.

More about Gry HERE

Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen is the initiator of CO2 Green Drive, The Triangle Project and Intentional Art. Jacob will talk about the plans for the next UN Climate Summit (COP21) in Paris that is being planned for the fall/winter together with the French and US Embassy in Copenhagen. His Intentions to become the next Minister of Culture in Denmark will also be presented at the Dome of Visions on May 23rd. Moreover Fuglsang will exhibit a selection of the hand made Political Campaign posters for The Alternative, that he has created in collaboration with Will Gurley and Thomas Christoffersen. Other than that, he will play vinyls on the wheels of steel as DJ Triangle Lover.

More about Jacob HERE


The Fuglsang/Dalhof artist duo consists of Torben Dalhof and Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen. Their collaborative work from 2012 that was made in connection to The Triangle Project's Istanbul installation that took place that same year. It is several painting that are digitally remastered and created into a shape that both can be made into a Pyramid tent and a large scale banner. Thanks to Brendon Stuart and Sombra Projects for the help and inspiration.

More about Fuglsang/Dalhof HERE


Drawing by Anne-Marie Steen Petersen

Lone Hørslev is a black magic woman, who with her magic pen can write any kind of format. May it be melancholic existencial love poetry like it was gong out of style, a 50% Shades of Grey kind of historical power novel, or clever lyrics to her own band, along with several collaborations. It seems she has her Danish fanbase in her spell, and they wait patiently for her next adventures into Danish liretature history as one of the cool female writers og this time.

More about Lone HERE


Jacob Hallgren had his theater debut at age 3 during the opening night of August Strindberg’s “Miss Julie”. In all fairness not as an actor but because he thought the nice lady on stage would give him ice cream. But the love for performance stuck with him even though it would be another 25 years, before he tried his luck as a spoken word poet and poetry slam master. 

Besides winning the audience award at the “Day of Poetry” with more the 100 poets participating, in 2006, he is the 2012 Danish national poetry slam champion (above video), he has had a term as resident summer poet on national Danish radio, created the avant-garde food and poetry performence “The Fruit & Flesh Show”, Jacob has participated in documentaries, various installation and crossover art projects and is founder of the “Association for Better Pornography” witch insured a couple of months of national notoriety. 

Photo by Yaya Pagh


Jacob Skyggebjerg is the author of the novel Vor tids helt (A hero of our time), several columns, essays, radio-essays and songs. He also works as a guest-editor for the Danish newspaper Politiken...

....but first of all an entertainer. In above image doing a video selfie with the current Danish Minister of Culture Marianne Jelved.

More about Jacob HERE

Claus Ankersen is a writer, performer and spoken-word artist who studied Communivation and Philosophy at Aarhus University and University of California in Santa Barbara, along with Anthropology at Copenhagen University. 

He has been part of The
 Triangle Project since 2008 and have often been likened to beat poet Allen Ginsberg and Hunter S. Thompson. 

More about Claus HERE


THE ROLF aka Pirate Rolf aka Rolf Bjerre, will be on the wheels of steel as a DJ during the evening. He is also one of the canidates for The Alternative with focus on IT, Open Source and Web Freedom.

More about The Rolf HERE


Svend Sømod is one of the collaborators for the COP21 plans in Paris. He has collaborated with Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen on the CO2 Painting (below) that was exhibited on Kongens Nytorv in the fall of 2014.

On May 23rd at Dome of Visions, he will be the host of the Late Night Party that starts at 11PM to 02AM.

More about Svend HERE


DJ Musse is a Swedish DJ specially selected for the evening by Svend Sømod. He will play vinyls on the wheels of steel, making sure the dancefloor will be on fire..

More about DJ Musse HERE

ALSO: For the Political Laboratorium that will be held between 16:00 - 18:00 go HERE


May 23rd at 16:00 - 02:00
Dome of Visions
Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
1016 København K
by DEN SORTE DIAMANT - Royal Public Library

Website HERE



The Australian New York based Triangle Artist Gabriel Don, who also did a performance at the Triangle Project Part 11, at The Gershwin Hotel in connection to the launch of Intentional Art in the US, has done a lovely interview with Anton Perich. It was done for the Whitehot Magazine's video series "The Secret History of Contemporary Art".  

“No, Wade Guyton did not invent a new paintbrush; Anton Perich did in 1978, when Guyton was six.” 

Anton Perich's latest show at Postmaster Gallery in New York, has smoothly placed him into the contemporary art world, underlining his importance into the timeline of history.
Anton Perich. American Altarpiece, 2004. Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of Postmasters Gallery, New York

Anton Perich. American Altarpiece, 2004; acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of Postmasters Gallery, New York.

Anton Perich. Ancient Music, 2010. Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of Postmasters Gallery, New York.

Anton Perich. Ancient Music, 2010; acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of Postmasters Gallery, New York.

Anton and his Ataturk painting in Istanbul at the Istanbul Art Biennial 2005 in connection to the Skanbul Connetion Project, that led up to The Triangle Project.

Anton and his "GWB" painting at ABC NO RIO Gallery in connection to the "Grounded - Was Man Meant to Fly" exhibition in 2008.

One of Anton's great inspirations is his countryman and fellow inventor Nicola Tesla 

Anton's son Tristan Perich have also performed several times in connection with The Triangle Project

Anton had a key role in the Max's Kansas City exhibition called "Art imitating Life, imitating Art" that took place at Nikolaj Kunsthal - Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center in the fall of 2004.

Within the exhibition, the Back Room from Max's Kansas City was re-created, where Anton's videos from Max's was shown, including many of the Warhol Superstars such as in the above screen of Holly Woodlawn. In the room, the original Red Neon Triangle by Dan Flavin, that was also in Max's backroom, was installed.

Anton had a separate room with his machine paintings of Andrea "Whips" Feldman, Candy Darling and Cyrinda Foxe Tyler, with a monitor showing the machine in action while painting the canvases on the wall.

Anton's classic portrait of Warhol taking a Polaroid picture of Anton, along with the Banana that currently hangs on Anton's wall in his studio.

Here the Banana with an illustration in the lower left corner of Cesarina Ferro being painted by the machine, drawn by Sasha Fuglsang Mikkelsen.

Anton also came over to Copenhagen in connection to the Copenhagen Night of Culture, where a Fashion show was held. This with the Danish designer Ann Charlotte Vengsgaard who used Anton's photos as prints for her dresses, including the one above signed by Anton on the back.

Frosty Myers was also there, creating one of his Search Light Pyramids over the 13th Century Church that hosts Nikolaj Kunsthal, while Maja Albana played LIVE on stage with her music, which Anton often listens to when painting.

Most of the above images above are also by Anton, including the right image of Max's Kansas City that was used for the 40th Anniversary of Max's in 2005 and designed by Cansu Aybar. Notice Anton in the lower right corner as a young determined man.

The above image of Misha Sedgwick is by Danish photographer Christian Holm was taken at the 40th Anniversary event for Max's. Misha is one of Anton's muses, that often can be seen in his paintings, photographs, videos and in NIGHT Magazine.

The above painting is of Fischer, from the electro band Fischer/Spooner.

In above, Anton is documenting his work at the Steve Kasher Gallery, where he showed in 2010.

Another of Anton's muses, Andrea Langdon.

Another of Anton's inspirations, Andy Warhol.

Kristina Korsholm, who is also part of The Triangle Project and of course another one of Anton's muses.

Misha Sedgewick

The amazing Croatian inventor and inspiration Nikola Tesla

In 2011, Anton created some wonderful over-sized photogram prints of Andrea, which were exhibited at Copenhagen Photo Festival.

When shown, they were printed down in size, close to the size of a Barbie doll looking like little Faries caught in flight by light.

Neke Carson and Colette are some of Anton's New York contemporaries, who over time have been recognized to have greatly inspired and influenced the New York art and underground scene.

Other than Anton's wild times at Max's Kansas City and STUDIO 54, he had his NIGHT Magazine office at above Gershwin Hotel. Here several of his films took place, he had the 10th floor with some of his classic original hand printed black and white photos along with the whole 2nd floor with a NIGHT Magazine installation.
The work shown at Anton's latest show at Postmaster Gallery are a selection of some of his most important paintings and it is with great pleasure one can read the many positive reviews and stories about the exhibition, such as:
The Village Voice's Power Painter
Purple Magazine's Studio Visit

Another Magazine's A Digital Pioneer

Miss Rosen's Electric Paintings

The Daily Servings Story

In a story about a show Anton had 
simultaneously on the West Coast

And finally the original Press Release that set the tone in the best possible way
Anton Perich: Electric Paintings 1978–2014 
is on view at  Postmasters Gallery through November 22, 2014.