Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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"99% - The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film" describes a great political mass phenomenon of our time. CPH:DOX & The Triangle Project will host film screenings, panel debates and performances at the legendary Copenhagen Grand Cinema and at Kayak Republic, on November 10th 2013.

99%—The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film, a documentary made by over 100 filmmakers, gives you a look behind the barricades at these men and women who hoped to start a revolution on September 17, 2011. To get tickets and for more information about the screening go HERE
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The Bull on Wall Street

A Bull that was also in a project from 2000 called "The Wall Street Art Exhibition". The above image was taken by yrs truly and was the invitation to the event and exhibition, with New York Triangle artist John Lohse performing the crazed Wall Street banker.

"We are the 99 percent," chant the Occupy protesters as they set up a self-sufficient community in 
Zuccotti—renamed Liberty—Park to demand an answer to America's wildly unequal distribution. 

The above images is by Brendon Stuart, of another crazed Wall Street banker.

Brendon Stuart has in collaboration with Sombra Projects created a Pyramid Tent with his images from Occupy Wall Street along with a short film called "The 99%".  The film will be shown at the After event hosted by The Triangle Project at "Kayak Republic", placed between the Danish National Bank and the Danish Wall Street building "Børsen"..
In the above image Brendon is building the Pyramid Tent to that later was part of the Parade Performance at Roskilde Festival.

In the above image, the Pyramid Tent on Wall Street

The Pyramid Tent Template

In above, the Pyramid Tent as part of the Parade Performance at Roskilde Festival

The Police spraying Occupy Protesters. An act that was also made into iconic viral modern art, in too many ways to mention.

"We The People" on Brooklyn Bridge, where they were arrested by the Storm Troopers

Another iconic OWS character that was severly abused once it was in the hands of Danish Mad Men.

The above image and PR stunt by the most evil of all Danish Banks (Danske Bank), destroyed it's brand and have not recovered since. The above image was actually withdrawn from the campaign, in shame.

When Danish/Indian artist HVAD later produced above image, the same bank (Danske Bank) threatened him and requested he removed the image from all social network platforms. HVAD will also do a performence to keep fire under the Nydanske Bank Movement at Kayak Republic.

Gordon Flink, formerly known as Gordon Inc will come and perform a new text that he has produced with Occupy Wall Street, the Gezi Resistance and the current state of Denmark in mind.

A film by Anders Nikolaj Højrup Sørensen called "TOXIC TUESDAYS" with Spoken Word artist and poet Claus Ankersen. In above video you can see Mr Ankersen performing at Dome of Visions, as warm up to Now.

The short film "69 - A Battle for a Youth House" by photographer Jacob Ehrbahn will also be shown to give a perspective on Danish Resistance. The above image was designed by Sombra Projects in connection to produce a Pyramid Tent in the near future.

"These demonstrations are not about some trees in Park but about Democracy!"
Why are thousands of people demonstrating in Turkey, these days?
What is really happening and is Istanbul nothing but a battle field?
What are the demonstrators risking their health for? And who are "the demonstrators" at all?
Wishes, fears, thoughts - "The Year of dreaming dangerously" concentrates on the people and listens to their stories. Get in touch with the country that connects the arab with the western world.

Wishes, fears, thoughts - "The Year of dreaming dangerously" concentrates on the people and listens to their stories. Get in touch with the country that connects the arab with the western world.

The Year of Dreaming Dangerously
Change in Turkey

Above the filmmaker and journalist Tom Frey behind the film

The Year of dreaming dangerously - Trailer from Tom Frey on Vimeo.

The Police in Istanbul are hardcore and gives a whole new perspective on "Still Not Loving the Police".

Turkish/American Street Artist Ari Alpert's stencil of The Lady In Red from Roskilde Festival 2013

The Iconic Lady in Red original image

The Lady in Red Pants from the Russian Activist Art Group VOINA in the Triangle panel debate at Roskilde Festival, including Peter from "Skift Bank Dag", Anup who was the spokesperson for Occupy Wall Street, Danish Spoken word artist Claus, Erinc from Istanbul Gezi Resistance Movement and New York photographer Brendon along with Lars as the Moderator.

Lars Trier Mogensen (above) will also after the screening of "99% - The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film" be the moderator for a paneldebate. A paneldebate including two of the American directors and Mikkel Bolt, a lecturer in modern culture, and sociologist and blogger Eskil Halberg.

The Triangle Project was in July in Lars Trier Mogensen's Radio Show "In the Red Field" on RADIO24syv to talk about the Roskilde Festival Plans. Above image was taken in the Green Room at 11:11

The Turkish/American photographer Charles Emir Richard, who went to school in Denmark as a teenager and showed his images as part of PART 10 in Istanul at Mini Muzik Hol, will show his photos from the Gezi Resistance in a short film as part of the evening of screenings.

The above os the Pyramid Tent design by Sombra Project of Charles's and Daniel Etter's images, that wil be produced in the near future.

The above image has become another iconic image from the Gezi Resistance.

The above image from the interaction between Gezi Restance People and representatives from Copenhagen's Christiania, who have resisted Normalization for over 40 years.

Banners in Istanbul, with the "99%" painted on it

Jesper Hyuk Larsen (who took the above image) will present his images as a film from The Triangle Project Part 9 at the Roskilde Festival and Part 10 in Istanbul, as a film in collaboration with filmmaker Anders Nikolaj Højrup Sørensen

The New School Copenhagen Hip Hop group HOVEDLØS will play LIVE.

DJ Triangle Lover and some Secret Guests will be on the Wheels of Steele with Vinyls

Chapulling (Turkish: çapuling) is a neologism originating in the 2013 protests in Turkey, coined from Prime Minister Erdoğan's use of the term çapulcu (roughly translated to "looters") to describe the protestors.

Capulcu was rapidly reappropriated by the protestors, both in its original form and as the anglicized chapuller and additionally verbified chapulling, given the meaning of "fighting for your rights". Chapulling has been used in Turkish both in its English form and in the hybrid word form çapuling.