Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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Lasse Andersen aka VJ Samesame, has been doing visuals for the past 5 years in Europe. As a graphic designer his style is very inspired by old animations and the love for 80´s movies is a distinct touch that follows him through his work. Most of the time, this can also be said about his vj material. His drive to find elements people can relate to, but didn´t expect to see in a club, is one of his biggest trademarks and forces.

Samesames style and ability to make personal expressions has brought him to such different visual tasks as: MTV art breaker, local theather lounge, remixing the archives of the Natinal Danish TV, Head of visuals for the National Danish TV electronic festival "public Service",Copenhagen Jazz festival, Royal Museum of Art and basicalliy every club in Copenhagen from the smallest to the biggest.

He has made visuals for artists among others: Guy Gerber Extrawelt, Fairmont/Jake Fairley, Isoleé, Jason Forrest, Noize creator, Justice, Trentemøller, Patrick Chardronnet, DMX Krew, Bass Junkie, Imatron Voima, Moderat, Rob acid, Erobique, Aril Brikha, Alexander Geiger, gotto80, Smash tv, Kiki, Karsten Pflum, Boy George, Jerome Sydenham.

Check out some work at

New set from Public Service Festival to Bjørn Svin:

Bottega Areté has been doing live visuals for Rumpistols concerts for the past 4 years. Combining the skills of the 3 person crew, the work has lead trough many different genres and styles, from papercuts of forest-landscapes on recordplayers, to stopmotion with thousand of colorful childrens beads, oil on canvas, timelapses over kabul in afghanistan, and back to classic keyframe-based animation and studio recordings...

Besides doing visuals for concerts, Bottega Areté has made the visual identities for most of the nightclub-evenings in Copenhagen, including decoration and interieur for many of them.

Bottega Areté works in many different media, and in the last 6 years they have toured almost every venue or festival of electronic music in Northern Europe with visuals. Made logo-idents for MTV Europe, remixed the archives of National Danish TV, designed visuals for the set design of Sergi Belbel's play "Mobil" and made visuals for a lot of international artists among others: Swayzak, Justice, DMX Krew, Patrick Chardronnet, Gebrüder Teichmann, Mad Professer, Anders Ilar, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Liars, Colder, Erobique, Eliot lipp, Soundmurderer, Daedelus, Jeremy Warmsley, Mr. Velcro Fastener, Otto Von Schirach, Puzzleweasel & Noize Creator.

To see more works in other media visit:

Video from Rumpistol show at Roskilde Festival:

VJ Øbro
Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark from where he does his graphic soup, which includes everything from minimal techno visuals to mellow Dub clips, and all that electro jazz in between.

Live visual performances at concerts:
Balkan Beat Box (US),
Extrawelt (GE)
Bjørn Svin (DK)
Apparatschik (RU ),
Patrick, Chadronet (GE)
Zenzile (FR)
Moderat (GE)
Teppop (DK)
Micromate (PL)
MHM-One (DK)

Christian St. Marcus. I've been DJing for years and enjoy playing Electronic sets flavoured with funky ecclectics. Back in the late nineties I performed with my House act "A-Men" in locations around Denmark and at the night club "Life" in NYC. I worked with Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen producing Danish Newave in NYC in September 1999. Ran Canvas Fine Arts Gallery in Copenhagen untill recently, and now I work with media, music and clothing.

Swedish analogue electro-tech producer Johan Afterglow. Never afraid of keeping things simple, Johan often concentrate on the elemental ingredients of electronic dance music; the kick, the clap, the hihat and the bass never rushing things, building it up and breaking it down and everyone is invited to his dance.
Johan is a man of many musical faces,not a newcomer in the scene and becoming a somewhat household name in remixing, production, DJing and hard, funky electro-tech, with releases on EMI , V2 . 9 Records etc... Johan Afterglow shows that he's a man of many talents and tastes, ambition – expect anything from this guy!

Released his album "Exterminate All Rational Thought" including the smash-hit "Me On" on 9 Records in early 2006. The way he moves the crowd with his live or dj sets is out of this world , the energy that he generates mixed with the music , his turntable skills wich he´s famous for , something that really has to be experienced. With lots of new and upcoming releases on several labels and also on his and his good friend dj/producer Marcus Storks own label


Danish artist Eva La Cour is to produce and run the making of a Folkkitchen for the urbanspace outside of The Hall.

Based on cultural exchange our intentions are to develop and establish a folkkitchen outside the Hall, as a part of the Triangelproject. The idea is that the kitchen will serve food ones a day, cooked on the principles of sharing. As such we invite the public to participate with ingrediense or skills for the menu of the day. As a whole the kitchen intense to create a social situation for people to meet and exchange ideas and informations, in the establisched platform.

We imagine to construct the kitchen with materials that are accesable and relatively costless in oder to search a cooperation with forces of the local environment.


There will be a performance with Camille Jones featuring Copyflex at the 360 Club on Friday the 7th of September. Other DJ's and performers playing at Club 360 will be Band Ane, St Marcus, MHM One along with VJ's SameSame and Bottega Areté

The Danish chef Nikolaj Kirk will together with his partner Mikkel Maarbjerg collaborate with the Turksih chef Dilara Erbay in Istanbul.
Dilara Sabra Cadabra is a food-art project built around a culinary philosophy interpreting Turkish cuisine with a worldly vision, called “traditional-experimental” by food artist Dilara Erbay. Erbay has presented her concept of transforming the materials supplied in plenty by our geography into food in an experimental, innovative fashion, to local and international circles as a new interpretation of Turkish cuisine. In this concept that brings to light lost flavours and traditional recipees, everything is cooked with passionate love and given a soul.

Dilara will also do a performance on Sunday the 9th of September at The Hall together with artists and performers.


Manu Sareen: Iqbal Farooq og kronjuvelerne

Så går det løs igen! Inden Iqbal Farooq får set sig om, er han endnu engang rodet ud i en vanvittig historie, fyldt med forviklinger, farverige personer og en hemmelige forbindelse mellem kronjuvelerne og Ungdomshuset.

Iqbal Farooq og hans kammerater er på klassebesøg på Rosenborg, hvor den gamle kustode fortæller dem en utrolig historie: De udstillede kronjuveler er slet ikke ægte. De ægte juveler forsvandt lige omkring 2. verdenskrig og befinder sig et ukendt sted i byen. Det skal man ikke fortælle Iqbal to gange, så snart går den vilde skattejagt, der hurtigt peger mod Ungdomshuset. Det er nemlig blevet købt af den tvivlsomme religiøse sekt, Das Fhaterhaus. Ungdomshuset ligger derfor i krig med både politiet og Københavns politikere, og de unge lukker ikke hvem som helst inden for. Heldigvis har Iqbal en etnisk kulturged og et par burkaklædte assistenter til hjælp, og onkel Rafig stiller sig som altid også beredvilligt til rådighed, når han øjner chancen for lidt lusk. Men jagten på kronjuvelerne er bestemt ikke uden farer!

Første bind i serien om Iqbal, Iqbal Farooq og den sorte pjerrot, blev af Politiken kåret til Årets børnebog 2006. For hvert solgt eksemplar af Iqbal Farooq og kronjuvelerne donerer Manu Sareen 3 kr. til børnehjemmet Child Fund Association i Bangalore, Indien. Se mere på:

Manu Sareen er medlem af Borgerrepræsentationen i København for Det Radikale Venstre og integrationskonsulent. Han er desuden københavnsk spidskandidat til Folketinget for samme parti. Manu bor i København med sin kone, Anya, og deres børn Cilja på 10 år, Felix på 8 år, Alvin på 3 år.

Manu Sareen
Medlem af Borgerrepræsentationen DRV
Gruppeformand, del af The Triangle Project og Folketingskandidat i København.
colonel/biennalist/emergency room invite you to the first
copenhagen artist run

Copenhagen Monday 27 august at 5.30 p.m.
We meet in front of Østerbro Swimming Hall (next to PARK Café)

After the New York Weekly Artist Run comes now the Copenhagen Artist Run
Its a great oportunity to meet fellow artists in the Triangle Project, Emergency Room plus wildcards, and to move your body a bit.

However, most of the artist have a pain in their back. we do not run too wild.

Are you coming ?
please let me know, write
to or post a
comment on our myspace.


Copyflex is the alias used by Norwegian Åsmund Boye Kverneland. He works as a live musician, producer and dj. His main field of interest is that of club music based on noise and mashups – noises being a term indicating the ferocity of the sounds presented as music and mashups being the sample style, where one or several sources of music is combined into one composition.
With the heart connected to something that makes noises and other electronic distorted sounds is the output of Copyflex; danceable, upbringing and positive with noise Copyflex reach out and fondle the deepest fear of the human psyche in an energetic uprising and controlled way.
His field of expression varies depending on where he works, which has enabled him to be active in any setting. At the Istanbul Biennial, he will spend his first days collecting turkish music, both new and traditional and conduct interviews with the participating artists and locals.
He will also represent Colonel/Biennalist at the BM Suma Contemporary Art exhibition.


The Hall is a 131 year old former
Armenian Church in the heart of Istanbul.
Check it out HERE


Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen lives in Copenhagen Denmark. Works primarily with video and performances. With consummate style and an almost voracious curiosity, she navigates the interspaces between different kinds of realities and extremes. Between the perfect staging of music videos and the raw reality of documentaries. Between personal confessionals and political commitment. Taking her own Danish-Filipino background as her point of departure, Cuenca Rasmussen displays a keenly honed sensitivity, almost like that of an anthropologist, to the narratives that exist in and between a place of birth and home country. She gathers, adapts, and universalisms these narratives in her both critical and humorous approach to central issues such as identity, culture, religion, gender, and social relations.

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen has contributed to a wide range of exhibitions in Denmark such as The EgoShow, a solo in The X Room, The State Museum of Copenhagen and abroad to the permanent installation "Global Feminism" at The Brooklyn Museum, New York, 2007

For the Hall she will act four music performances and in between costume changes, three of her videos will be presented.

Jenny Grönvall
I tell stories and most of the time they have something to do with my lady Peggy-Sue.

In the process I allow myself to use diverse interpretations (i.e. prejudice) of the character Peggy-Sue as a starting point, and from there the specific premises that constitute Peggy-Sue over the years continue to tell the story. The work therefore evolves slowly as at the same time it rehearses itself into an act perhaps named the universe of Peggy-Sue. I describe my work mainly in terms of performance as it deals with time and movement, even when presented as a painting, video or a sculpture. Besides this aspect of my career, I often work in collaboration with other artists, engaging in issues more or less disturbing boundaries of cultural identity.

The video ”Jump!” (Swe: Hopp) captures a moment when Peggy-Sue decides to take a major step in life.

PALETTI is a Danish artistic collaboration, between Lotte Oldenburg and Samina Bazai Rasmussen, working in Denmark and Germany. The idiom of PALETTI is a unique mixture of genres, layers of documentation combined with fictitious play that through intervention seeks the reactions of people in order to capture and investigate these. They have made documented performances i Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris and New York. Paletti is a unique partnership between a concept- and performance- artist and a visual artist.


Mie Olise Kjaergaard.

The Triangle Project. Istanbul, September 2007.

Mie Olise Kjaergaard works with abandoned places and fallen constructions. Through architectural constructions; either built, filmed or painted, she discusses place, the stories and ideas, that was pursued, and fell to the ground.

The Noisy Shed project builds on top of the artist's ongoing project about the Russian Utopian city, The Pyramid. Situated in Arctic Norway, just underneath the North Pole, this city today appears as a Ghost Town.
It is one of the finest examples of a communist utopia, that today is left, with books in the libary, the curtains drawn in the cinema, the plants still in the windows of the houses, grass imported from Russia, the hotel bar with brand new leather furniture, and glasses ready for mixing another drink.

The Noisy Shed, is a construction, that brings the contrast from the Fallen Utopia at North Pole along - within.

Built of Istanbul ”scrap” and inspired by Istanbul industrial architecture, The Noisy Shed contains moving images of the Pyramid Ghost Town, and especially the soundtrack played very loud, the mourning. You can crawl into the shed, or you can look through peepholes and cupboard doors.

The shed is an architectural reminder that Freud's uncanny, the unheimlich, is also indeed close to the homely, or heimlich. – it celebrates the fantastic architecture and the idealistic spirit that fuelled the ideas of the arctic utopia.

Mie Olise Kjærgaard is Danish, and lives and works in London. She finish her MA in Fine Arts in 2007, from Central St. Martins, London University of The Arts. She is a painter, also building architectural structures and –videos about abandoned structures and constructions such as factories, cities, ships and houses.

The sound is created by Danish composer Goodipal/Geoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen.
The project is in collaboration with Sona Ertekin

Sona Ertekin

After acquiring a BA in American Culture and Literature at Hacettepe University, Ankara; she got a scholarship, moved to Istanbul and got her MA degree on Film and TV at Bilgi University. She presented her masters thesis titled "Through the Liquid Glass: A Comparative Approach to The Matrix and eXistenZ" in academic conferences in the U.S. and the Czech Republic. For a while she was sure that she was going to follow an academic career in cultural studies, but now she is traveling the world as
a DJ spreading her sunshine to the people.

She is also working as a writer in media, advertising, film etc and produces radio for Açik Radio.

Nowadays she is editing a book for Açik Radio, working as writer and director on theatre and film projects.

NMK Sound Art Project 2007
Teoman Madra's project for The Triangle Project.
ANATOLIA 2010 Global Intermedia


DJ Biennial and VJ 2010. Two art lovers. Now, they have joined forces to
contribute Turkish tourism by supporting Istanbul 2010 and The 10th Istanbul
Biennial, with their orientalcoremashupmashdownethnicsufirock music and

Dj Biennial has been part of the Istanbul underground scene since the 1970's, playing jungle to belly weather.

VJ 2010 has been producing videos since the 1950's and his videos are being screened all around the world from China to Venezuela.



In 2005 the first connection between Dogzstar and The Triangle Project was made
through Ali M Demirel, via New York.
Dogzstar naturally became the place to hang out, and Tanja
collaborated with Kutay on her main project for her
involment in the Istanbul Biennial. A childrens book where Kutay
represented the lost son who left his family and friends to go out
into the world and learn about life, to later come back to his country
and use his knowledge to help his family and friends.
Kutay and Tanja also performed together in a sound piece performed for Skanbul at Dogzstar. The last night of Skanbul Connection took place at Dogzstar with a night of performance, where Bang was the resident DJ.
Sona who did all the radio interviews was also a resident dj at
Dogzstar and according to Anton Perich who was the resident
photographer at Max's Kansas City and Studio 54, Dogzstar reminded him alot of Max's and he felt the nights he spent there was flawless.

The interiors of Dogzstar was created by Kop-Art, who had also done a
street poster in a back alley of John Waters.
Gamze (Kop-Artist)of course had a tattoo of a triangle on her wrist, and
used a red triangle in the Kop-Art installations both at Dogzstar and
the street art wall on Skanbul's roof.

Camille Jones

With the latest smash hit "The Creeps" from her 3rd album -
"Surrender" - the multi talented Danish-born singer, musician,
composer, arranger, and producer Camille Jones has struck gold.
But insisting grooves and intriguing vocals isn't all Camille Jones
has to offer. Her new album also presents high quality songwriting in
the classic sense, combining mature lyrics about love, rejection, and
pride with melodies to keep.

Camille Jones possesses a raw energy and power that she carefully
knows when to hold back and when to let loose. Her music is highly
dynamic and rich on details in the tingling soundscape underneath the

Since Camille Jones is her very own in style and sound namedropping
shouldn't be necessary - but musical fix points and inspirations would
include acts like Prince, Stevie Wonder, Wendy & Lisa, Dolly Parton,
Chicks on Speed, D'Angelo, MeShell NdegeOcello and Missy Elliott.

The special Camille Jones sound blends contemporary r'n'b with classic
soul, guitar rock, and folk. The result is a lively, curious, and
highly personal mix tied together by Camille Jones' expressive vocals
and meaningful lyrics.

Through the years Camille Jones' contributions to the Danish music
scene has been numerous. As singer, guitarist, kayboard player and
percussionist she has been offering her personal touch to such diverse
artists as abstract hip hop act Pelding, Danish rap favorites Malk de
Koijn, cult funkateer Abdullah S, independent rocker Maya Albana, and
the r'n'b and pop music of Mark Linn, Thomas Helmig, and Anne Linnet.

Camille Jones' first album "Daddy Would Say" came out in 2000 on Warner Music and included the monster hit "Nothing Comes From Nothing". The album gave Camille Jones a nomination as "Female Singer
of the Year" at the Danish Music Awards 2001. Camille has also contributed to the soundtrack to the Swedish film "Det blir aldrig som man tänkt sig". With her new album "Surrender" she has signed to a
smaller record company, gaining full artistic control of the current and furture recordings.

Camille Jones is a multi-talent young woman with great personal and
artistic integrity. She can do whatever she wants – and she does.
The hit single "The Creeps - That Kid Chris Mix" is released in USA by
Tommy Boy Records. Within the first two weeks it made it to #15 on Billboards Hot Dance Club Play.

"The Creeps" is also out in Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece,
Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Spain,
France and South Africa. The minimalistic and innovative video for "The Creeps" - made by
Mikkel Serup - was nominated for a Danish Music Award 2005.

One of the New York artists: Since 1985, Yucef Merhi has been developing and exhibiting New Media Art, based in poetry and hacking. His career includes a world wide exhibition record in museums and galleries, such as the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York; Orange County Museum of Art, California; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Caracas; Museo del Chopo, Mexico; Paço das Artes, Sao Paulo, De Appel, Amsterdam; and the Borusan Culture & Art Center, Istanbul; among others. Merhi's installations have been also exhibited at the 7th International Festival of New Film, Split, Croatia; SIGGRAPH, San Diego, California; and the exhibition Poetry and Contemporary Art, at the Hunterdon Museum of Art, in New Jersey. More recently, his work was presented in the 2007 "Bienal de São Paulo-Valencia".

personal: + + +
net art: + + +
work: +


Dj Hugo Chavez & Vj Ahmedinejad are new multimedia project from Tehran,Istanbul, Caracas (first performance was on 17 th August 2006 Berlin) and investigates culturalistic clices and their effects on the economical and political situation of individuals; "Against the Walls and Against the Bridges" in there.

Dj Hugo Chavez & Vj Ahmedinejad Project focuses on media literacy, the
role of advertising and corporate power in our lives, intellectual property
issues and the evolution of art, law and resistance in a media-saturated
multi-national world and deconstructs Turkish films from the 60s and 70s and
the Ethnic Market and East-West gateway clich..s about Istanbul and Project
creates ANTI-CITY MYTHS and bizarre new forms similar to the kaleidoscope
effect with Middle Eastern Uranium and South American's Bolivar

Dj Hugo Chavez & Vj Ahmedinejad are played "MyTube & YouSpace" audiovisual performance in "Wizard Of OS 4 Information Freedom Rules International Conference" in Berlin /Tesla - Podewil Theatre in September 06 and performed "NO Exotic, Gegen die Bridge" Audiovisual Performance on 14th December 06 in Vooruit Festival/Gent Belgium and DJ Hugo Chavez & VJ Ahmedinejad played mixed media live performance in Florance Fabbrica Europa Festival on 11th May 07/Italy.

Dj Hugo Chavez Vj Ahmedinejad / Middle Eastern Bolivaranium Sound System


Reverie Falls On All - and into The Triangle Project

Reverie Falls On All was formed in the summer of 2003 by Replikas members Barkın Engin and Burak
Tamer. The sound processing improvisations in search for the direction of the collaboration evolved into various textures containing acoustic instruments with the real acoustic qualities of the building, where the sessions took place. Finally the music shaped into a structure that blend the duo’s guitar playing aesthetic with their influences on glitch, noise, 20th Century Music and classical composition.

The musical ideas interfere with sound wise coincidences throughout the composing process. Digital errors, ambient noises, leakage from other spaces become elements of the compositions, each introducing an actual code of framed time. Then these audible codes of the moments connect with the reflections of daily life and transform into musical structures.

RFOA’s debut album Clouds In Our Room has been released in October 2006. The album is available at the discography section of the website.

Photo by Ebru Yildiz


Elec-Trip Records artist and Turkey’s hippest act "Portecho" is a “fast rising band” with a “radiant future” as The New York Times put it. The duo, made up of Tan TunÁağ and Deniz Cuylan, interpret dance music in their own way by uniting electronica with rock and adding a touch of the 80s. In "Portecho"s debut album “Undertone”, electronic rhythm sections and hypnotizing English vocals are intertwined with warm guitar melodies.

Tan TunÁağ and Deniz Cuylan got together in 2005 to form "Portecho", they signed to Elec-Trip Records at the end of that year. “Portecho” prepared and recorded “Undertone” (September 2006), with producer Oğuz Kaplangı. Portecho’s first music video from this album was directed by Portecho for the track “Sympathy”.

Tan TunÁağ: Arrangements, vocals, bass guitar
Deniz Cuylan: Arrangements, guitar
In concerts, Portecho can be accompanied by live drums (Ulas Ozbicer) and bass guitar (Ayca Sarigul).

Album and promo photographs: Volga Yıldız

Tan TunÁağ, who combines electronica with acoustic elements in his music, embarked on a musical adventure in London where he played in several clubs. After his return to Turkey, Tan TunÁağ became one of the leaders of new cross-platform art in Turkey, he has been writing music for theatre, films, TV and commercials. TunÁağ has performed in the same events with prominent DJs and electronica groups such as Plaid, Mouse on Mars, The Orb, and Chemical Brothers. Tan TunÁağ is currently working on a project called “Mira”.

Deniz Cuylan brings an alternative angle to modern music through his mixture of groovy electronica and jazz. In addition to performing on stage, he has produced music for television, movies, commercials and fashion shows (D¸sseldorf and Moscow). He first became known in Turkey for his "Maya" project whose "Telecine" album was released in 2003. In 2004, he completed his solo album "Netame" in collaboration with the well-known illustrator Sadi G¸ran. Until recently, Deniz Cuylan has hosted the radio show "Tırtıllar", and he was the editor of the alternative lifestyle-music magazine "Bant". Cuylan is working on an album with the ethnic-electronic music band, Norrda. Deniz Cuylan has been a producer at Elec-Trip since June 2007.


MICHAEL MØRKHOLT - A Triangle Artist and his instruments

MICHAEL MØRKHOLTMichael Mørkholt intents on making playful songs from recordings of familiar hand played acoustic instruments. after some laptop manipulation and reorganization, traditional song structures emerge. there’s a rich variety of instrumentation, as if every child in the classroom got his or her own choice of expression from a pile of horns, xylophones, reeds, flutes and guitars. every instrument loosely hangs together through simple repetitions of rhythmic elements while different kinds of electronic manipulation fill in and complete the picture. the result is a thick, warm and joyous mess of elastic brass, stuttering woodwind, and squelch percussion.
Michael is half of the very well rewieved Jabmica och El.



Jacob Kirkegaard has received international attention for his artistic ventures into "hidden" acoustic spheres. Using accelerometers and other scientific equipment, he explores those resonant spaces that usually remain inaccessible to sense perception.

Born in 1975 in Denmark, Kirkegaard relocated in 2007 to Berlin. In January 2006 Jacob graduated with a master's degree from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne Germany. He has also taught at the Royal Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark.

While his sound art is released by the British label Touch, his installations have been presented, among other places, at Kiasma in Finland, at Diapason Gallery in New York City, Museum of Freud's Dreams in Russia and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denmark. Among his numerous collaborators are Jim Thirlwell (Aka Foetus), CM von Hausswolff, Ann Lislegaard and Philip Jeck.

For the Triangle Project in Istanbul Jacob Kirkegaard will evoke and amplify the resonance of The Hall that is a former Armenian Church, using a technique he has refined through the last two years. The technique, which can be heard in his work AION (created inside the Exclusion zone in Chernobyl as seen in below image) is to layer the sound of a seemingly silent but resonant space, in order to evoke its subtle vibrations.
The sonic outcome will be shaped by the physical proportions exhibition space and the life outside it. And in that way turn the exhibition space into the art work it self.

Project website


Jeg bevæger mig mellem lydkunst og popmusik. min musik er dramatisk og samtidig sjov, dansabel og tranceable. fortiden arbejder jeg meget med tromme maskinne og sampling af min stemme.

Jeg har gennem tiden arbejdet tæt sammen med andre komponister/lydkunstnere så som , Jan Arlt i gruppen THE LOVERZ , Jakob Kirkegaard i gruppen ÆTER og FM Einheit i gruppen GRY, og har med dem udgivet div plader.

Gry at The Hall in Istanbul

jeg har også har en lille film på 12 min
experimental film hvor jeg synger med dyr elefanter, fugle, svin og køer optaget i indien


In the beginning Heidi was experimenting with recording herself singing inside a washing machine, rebuilding a telephone receiver into a microphone, hooking up with a walkie-talkie system and more.
Heidi makes colorful and textured songs with a nerdy and charming approach; the songs travel through sound experiments and visit seriousness vs. self-irony in a twisted pop production. Add emotional overdrive with a mentalist flavor and a radiating energy.

Heidi was on her second US + CAN tour in June 2007. Don't Lonely Me is Heidi's second album Released July 2007.

 At The Hall in Istanbul


Sound artist Mikkel Meyer (born 1977) specializes in the translation and transformation of musical material. He has previously exhibited and performed live in USA, United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden, both solo and with other artists. As well as producing radio art for ResonanceFM and Danish Radio, Mikkel Meyer also works with sound design for computer games.

Mikkel Meyer plays with the rules of musical structures. Sound is changed and evolved into time and space and transformed by looping microscopic samples and tone generators. With his homebuilt standing wave-detector, he works with the resonance of the environment, and through these processes the essence of materials is made audible, giving his compositions an overall physical presence in the room.



Real men do not dance. Is Karsten Pflum a real man? His music lies somewhere in the borderland  between hard DnB, playful twisted electronica, and soulful soundscapes. He has made electronic music for the past decade, released records on various independent labels, and played numerous shows around Europe. Currently he lives and studies electronic music at the Academy in Aarhus.

Live his performance is a playful and outgoing display of old and new material. A trip through different electronica genres, with a driving urge towards the ultimate complex dance music.


”Tracks”/Worm Interface/2003.
”Flugten Fra År 2000”/Jenka/2005.
"IDHAX"/Rump Recordings/2006
“Lire Skuffe”/Worm Interface/2002.
"Fuck Music, Easy"/Bohnerwachs/2007
”Dogcatcher EP”/Tender/2004.
"Karsten Pflum vs. Puzzleweasel"/Jenka 2005
"Stjernetur"/“Seesound – Look at the Music”/Museum of Contemporary Art Denmark/2002.
"Untitled" and "Te"/“Ambient Soho Vol. III”/Millenium Records/2002.
"BLFONKIII"/“Dansk Lyd”/ElectrAros/2004.
"MS-Horn"/“Rump Comp Volume One”/Rump/2005.
"Computer Weekend"/"Promotional Sampler-CD"/RKRLHJ001/2006.
"Klapjagt"/"Frie Børn Leger Bedst"/ART REBELS/2007
"DJ JENS (Pflum Edit)"/"Je M'apelle Mads Greatest Hits"/"BAM Denmark A/S/2007
"Pflum Laver Kringle"/"Analogik For Perlehøns"/Auditory Designs/2006.

Karsten playing with, from the left; Johan Afterglow, Heidi Mortenson, Hvad Man/Kid Kishore & Rosa Lux
At The Hall in Istanbul.


Puzzleweasel is the sonic output of Peter Dahlgren. Originally swedish, the puzzleweasel was brought up around europe in Zurich, Amsterdam and Stockholm and now resides in Aarhus, Denmark. Where he started churning out his music in 2001. Fueled by years of dance floor attendance at raves and jungle/ dnb venues he started sculpting away at his intricate take on beat programming. Quickly getting recognition for his uncompromising sound and overwhelming presence on stage. He was release on Kid606´s heavy weight label Tigerbeat6 in 2002, and later personally recommended by Venetian Snares for release on Sublight records. Where his lastest records had just been released, "exo-grid". Always pushing the boundaries of rhythm and sonic possibilities, puzzleweasel's compositions are dense storms of, complex brain wave manipulating wonderment. Fusing IDM, dubstep, breakcore with all things experimental, leaving your synapses tingling and ankles wrecked.


Danish-Indian Kid Kishore (Albertslund Terror Korps) is from the Copenhagen underground.
Kid Kishore mainly plays his own tracks a combination of India, UK bass and Danish Ghetto terror techno.
He describes his music as: Perker Tech (Danish Ghetto Tech), Hardcore Bhangra Mash-Up.

From the performance at THE HALL


The danish band Teppop is notorious for its absurd and highly entertaining live act including lots of distortion, karaoke, circuit bends, gabber techno and strange vocals.

Teppop at THE HALL in Istanbul

Member of Teppop at ABC NO RIO in New York during Triangle Performance

Catchy synth melodies is succeeded by mock euro dance in double speed, mehter music, and a bizarre fascination with the former Soviet Union lurks beneath the surface.
Teppop has released an album on Escho (DK) and appeared on various compilations from V/Vm test (UK) and Wrong Music (UK)


Born 1976 Helsinki, Finland. Lives and works in Århus, Denmark.
Sound artist, composer and organizer. Graduated from Jutland Academy of Fine Arts 2006. Operates solo under the names Soviet Subliminal Seduction and Pol Mod Pol. Founder and guitarist of the progressive stoner/doom band Double Space since 2002. Founder and chairman of the association for promotion of noise/experimental music Noisejihad 1997 - 2006. Co-founder of association for promotion of the electronic music scene in Århus EMMA 2003 and member of the board 2006 - 2007. Curator and organizer of the soundart exhibition "Folk kan godt li' noise, de ved det bare ikke" at Ridehuset, Århus April 2004. Co-curator of Sound Art Festival at Overgaden, Copenhagen August 2004. Editor of sound & art publications "Gø Selv" and "Røvbanan" 2002 - 2003. 100+ live performances in Denmark and throughout Europe in various constellations since 1996.


W¨ALDCHENGARTEN Jam (aka. Pol Mod Pol)

With the concept of a socalled jam band usually being highly technically skilled musicians getting together to accurately imitate music they didn't have the creative gift to make themselves and play as a band (ie. U2 Jam, Bryan Adams Jam, Tina Turner Jam, AC/DC Jam etc.) - maybe in conscious acceptance of the fact that they never will be able create anything worthwile listening to by their own means - and often with a primary object of making money on playing hit parades for live audiences. It seems even more absurd for sound artist Mikko Mansikkala Jensen to pick Wäldchengarten as the object of his own jam band. Wäldchengarten being highly critically acclaimed and one of the absolute top acts to emerge from the Danish noise/experimental scene, yet any talk of hit parade or even hit in commercial terms would be complete and utter nonsense. Never the less, the backward logics of Mikko Mansikkala Jensen's project Pol Mod Pol says it's probably one of the most obvious moves of all, and falls perfectly into line with previous humorous efforts to bring commercial pop culture into the challenging and to some lenght even hostile realm of the noise/experimental music. So bring your best dancing shoes!


Las has been working in the fields of ambient/drones and noise for the past decade, both as enthusiastic promotor of and dedicated performer in these fields. He co-founded legendary organization Noisejihad and is the catalyst behind danish renowned drone-act Wäldchengarten. The latter having a batch of highly acclaimed releases under their belt.

The usual works of Lars L. Hansen are often constructions, making a point of being constructions, that emit or react to sounds or noise. An attempt to explore the relations between timbre / room and reaction / experience.

Lars L. Hansen is graduated from Jutland Academy of Fine Arts, where he also recieved the award of distinction upon his departure. Read more on his very personal and completely out-of-date website:


Søren Helvildt Raagaard (DK) 1967.
Working with the noises of human life and their expressions.
To make everyday noise appear as a storyline in a message, to perform these
actions and build a vision for the audience to interpretate.
I have done so since 1995 solo and with others: the Soundensemble Alarm112,
Radio Magica, fLeX fLuX, Streamflower, Copenhagen Art Ensemble.


In the beginning of this millennium we founded the radio program Radio Magica.

The program broadcasted FM from a tiny in Copenhagen.
Here people met. The sound of people was the core theme and the range of abruptly noises from the sound of dinnerconversations, demonstrations, dancefloors and the psycho geographic citywalks painted the picture of the sonic being of everyday life. Small talks, DJ'ing, slow food and master productions of a various electronic music and poetry where fundamental ingredients in this sonic soup.
Radio Magica is still; all that noise..

For the Triangle project Radio Magica becomes, as so many other times, the host of this vivid, wide and wild group of people. Producing an audio-space that layers itself inbetween the acts. Jusing soundscapes created from field recordings from the urban reality in Istanbul, Copehagen and New York as bridges.


Copyflex is the alias used by Norwegian Åsmund Boye Kverneland (b.1977). He works as a live musician, producer and dj. His main field of interest is that of club music based on noise and mashups. Noises being a term indicating the ferocity of the sounds presented as music and mashups being the sample style, where one or several sources of music is combined into one composition. His field of expression varies depending on where he works, which has enabled him to be active in any setting. At the Istanbul Biennial, he will spend his first days collecting turkish music, both new and traditional and conduct interviews with the participating artists and locals.

BITCHSLAP MAGAZINE was created with the intent of providing a platform for the rapidly expanding creative underground scene in Copenhagen. The magazine intends to build bridges and strengthen the already thriving scene by promoting art, music and random social commentary. It also aims to provoke thought into action by providing this platform and showing that projects only reach as far as the motivation that drives them. Anything is possible. Bitchslap will also be involved in interviewing various local artists, musicians, skateboarders and together with COPYFLEX's material, everything will be thrown together and presented in MASHUP THE WORLD in The Hall and in various nightclubs in Istanbul during the opening days.

Copylex at DIRTY in Istanbul playinh with DJ Saint Marcus (Christian Marcus)


Event: Copyflex and Bitchslap Magazine and their Mashup The World party.
September 10.September 10.

Åsmund // copycopycopy

girlfriends and affiliates:


MHM One aka Morten Halborg-Moeller = a busy dj + the brain behind the Copenhagen based club project "Kill Your Telly" launched in 2003.

MHM One began his creative career in the Hip-Hop and graffiti scene in the early ninetees. Getting bored of playing drums and bombing trains led him to spin records in the late ninetees.
Like many others from his gang his first love was the funk-based american electro, which eventually quickly led into the house and techno driven club scene after living in Berlin for a period.

MHM One combines techno with the housie tunes and the minimal grooves. He has played with guys like Robert Hood, Sven Väth, Dandy Jack, Whighnomy Brothers, Kevin Saunderson, Rob Acid, Swayzak, Agoria, Stewart Walker, Extrawelt, Der Dritte Raum, Sieg Uber Die Sonne..... to mention just a few . . .

Recently MHM one started working with his own beats and sounds in his home studio. Watch out !

He spins in Copenhagen all the time but is frequently booked to the rest of the world. So far he has bombed clubs in Tokyo, Berlin, London, Bucharest, Helsinki, Malmoe, Reykjavik, Nordberg . .
He is resident at Culture-Box and VEGA in Copenhagen and RIO Club in Berlin.


Ane Østergaard is a long expected feminine touch on the Danish electronic music scene. There are no rules about what to do and not to do and she’s not afraid of mixing of genres.

After an extremely well reviewed concert at Roskilde Festival 2006 and a year with more media coverage than most other unreleased artists in Denmark could ever dream of, the long expected debut of Band Ane, “Anish music,” is to be released. The talented girl is an extremely out-turned and spellbinding live artist, and along with her Mr. Laptop as she calls her computer, she has performed at a large scale of festivals all over Scandinavia.
Most of the times with reviews that almost exceeded the amount of possible stars in the reviews.
The just 23-year old Ane Oestergaard from Aarhus in Denmark is an extremely talented producer, and a long expected feminine touch on a male dominated electronic music scene.

Band Ane is producing melodic and well-composed electronic music, full of life and atmospheres and her approach to the music is anarchistic - completely without any rules of what to do and not to do.
Ane Oestergaard was brought up listening to experimental electro-acoustic and avant-garde music in the home. Ane has been studying piano on a jazz college in the UK, as well as work experience in a recording studio. Today she is a student on the exclusive electronic department of the music conservatory in Aarhus. Band Ane is using the whole scale of musical elements and she is including genres such as electronica, pop, children’s music, drum n bass and happy hardcore in an almost naive and delicious way, but still extremely elegant and consistent. Her background as a pianist and former drummer has some clear influences on the tracks with detailed drum programming and catchy piano riffs.
The music has some humoristic elements and at times it seems almost childish. But still she is surprising here and there with sudden dark changes in the music and harsh noise elements are showing up.


Breakcore and drum’n’bass dj.

Nis Henrik Sandberg is probably one of the hardest DJ's in Denmark. As one of the founders behind Jenka Music Nis has a broad taste of music. Noianiz is famouse for his extremely Noia hardcore drum n bass sets in especially Aarhus. He is also know for his addiction to fast and complex beats and gabba, noise and drum n bass sets around Denmark!!

Niz is currently studying at the music conservatory in Aarhus.


Rosa has played as a dj for app. 5 years. She had her debut live on a Thursday night at the biggest gay club in CPH. She plays Electro with a techy edge, always funky, sometimes weird and fun and with a big love for deep and hypnotizing basslines and clever synth themes.

Almost since she started djing, she has been a part of Dunst and with them arranged parties with 1200 guests. She has held numerous parties with her own concepts and clubs, both small underground venues and large parties with 1100 guests at the party boat Stubnitz.

She has played alongside Thomas Gwost, Joakim Spieth, No Bra, Joaquin, Prinz Thomas & Lindstrøm, who made who and Forge, not to mention almost everybody in the Danish dj scene playing electro & tech.

Rosa Lux playing at DIRTY in Istanbul

To mention some of the venues and clubs she played in:
VEGA, Rust, Kat, Culturebox, Dameulove, Damesalonen, Klam, Skam, Dunst, Republikken, Gay & Lesbian Filmfestival, Natfilmfestival, Nordatlantisk brygge, Dansk Arkitektur & design festival, Kinzo-Berlin, Bee Queer festival – Duncerque, kulkafeen, Riga, Dunkel, Bend, Nadsat, Jolene, Darling, Kran, CTRL-ALT-DELETE, Zerrbild, DaDa, NASA, Stereobar, Rio (Berlin), Homophobia (Berlin), Schhh, Train, Bøssehuset, kvindehuset, Kirken I Møllegade, Folkets hus, Lo-mid-high, Dachkantine (Zürich), Fnat på kat, Queer festival, Tease, SkamLøsBøsseSexFest, H.C Ørstedsparken, Pan, Bunker, Ungdomshuset, Hal D, dunst, Cockpitt, ZooBar, Kitch Bitch, Amigobar, Benutzbar, Bitte Kai Rand show, Room fashion show, Edwin Jeans reception (stockholm), Showroom8 fashion show, Kopenhagen, Stubnitz, Filmhuset, Dansk erhvervs akademi, Basement, MI*RO, Vertigo, AVAV, Amager fælled... and the list goes on.

Currently she is resident at VEGA and Flop Klop and she plays all over copenhagen. She is hosting the GLU release party at Culture box, 13th of September in cooperation with typisk lesbisk and dameulove.


Educated at the Jytland Academi of fine arts in 2007.
Would like to make an installation of her most resent work Abu Dis.
- A light and sound index.
Technical needs: At least four slide-projectors, two speakers and a HiFi.


I went to Abu Dis, to the wall that separates
Israel from Palestine, or visa versa, and
recorded it from both sides, at the exact same
point, with a contact microphone normally used
for semi acoustic instruments.
By moving the microphone along the wall it
catches the texture of the surface.
Each side had a distinct sound that was very
different from the Other.
One side was screaming, yeh almost crying
where the other had a far more scrubbing
sound. Like an itching and bubbling engine.
I was surprised. I had thought that they would
sound the same. Indeed I was wrong.
The colours are generated from a photo I took
while I was there.
(11 min.)

Tanja on the E - Flyer for "The Sound of Istanbul" Party


The danish elektronica collektive, Atoi is working with a mixture of electronic beats of digital and acoustic noise and sounds from real classical intruments. Atoi played concerts at the Copenhagen Distortion Festival, the Public Service festival in Copenhagen and Norberg Festival in Sweden, as well
as the Roskilde festival '07.

Atoi outside LIT Lounge in New York after Gig with The Triangle Crew

Atoi is a contributing artist on Bjork's charity-record: 'Army of me', with their own cover Bjork's single 'Army Of Me'.


performance von Bella Angora, Christian Falsnaes & So:ren Berner

Since 2003, Bella Angora, Christian Falsnaes and So:ren Berner Erlandsen have been carrying out a number of different projects under the common name „KARGO“ next to their individual artistic practices, primarily in the fields of performance, installation and graffiti/streetart. KARGO is an ongoing investigation of the possibilities of performance in contemporary art contexts within the frame of collaborational experiments. Through open exchange of ideas and experiences, KARGO aims at an unpretentious and entertaining, but still diverse and complex, approach to different themes. Most of their projects have dealt with social/cognitive norms, patterns and structures as well as the conscious decission to question these. In the process of such investigations, KARGO is sampling music, video, public happenings, graffiti and musical-style-shows with references to philosophy, art history and contemporary culture.

Bella Angora at the Coney Island Beach in connection with the filming of "Red's Pyramid" 

For the Triangle Project „Kargology“, the group plans to carry out a seria of public interventions in Istanbul, involving street performances, graffiti and attempts to change or modify public space patterns. These interventions will be documented and used as material for video productions which, subsequently, will be integrated parts of the final performance. Hence it will not be completely clear how the performance will end up and what the content will be. A method that leaves a space open to both failure and unexpected succes. The experiments and the investigative nature of the process is an important part of the KARGO performance projects. Not to be afraid to fail, to look stupid or to reveal mistakes.

Kargo Performing at The Gershwin Hotel in New York in connection to The Triangle Project

Formally, live music and video-projections integrated in an installation functioning as a „stage“ will create the frame for the performance.


klub-projektet i istanbul kommer til at hedde det, som den klub vi
fokuserer på her hedder, og den i istanbul hvor vi skal ha visningen
hedder, så titlen er ikke helt på plads endnu, da vi endnu ikke har et
sted.., så den må komme når de sætter programmet for bienalen sammen
Jeg laver klubprojektet i samarbejde med Emil Alsbo. projektet
omhandler tyrkiske te/kort-klubber i københavn, hvor folk mødes og
spiller kort, snakker, ser fodbold og selvfølgelig drikker te., vores
fokus vil være rettet mod de forskellige tyrkere i klubberne her i
kbh, -deres tilhørsforhold til tyrkiet, deres kultur og tanker.
Projektet vil visuelt bestå af forskellige videoer med billeder fra
klubber her, interviews derfra og billeder der er relateret til deres
væren, klubberne og deres miljø., -ydermere vil vi vise forskellige
store prints og sammensætte et mindre hæfte relateret til hele


Eva la Cour is an artist, activist and organizer, living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark.
She frequently collaborates with others around different subject fields, which often result in project-based work. While her work spans visual arts, video, and writing, the different aspects overlap, often exploring the urban space; in a practical as well as theoretical level - challenged to break down the barriers between.

THE CAMPKITCHEN (the Tent show):
The Campkitchen is a physical Not-Spot shared by people on the move. In a folkkitchen style the kitchen will serve food for the different artists and participating campers in the days before and during the opening of The Tent Show. With an idea that it makes both economical and social sense, the meals and the temporary kitchen become a frame for temporary Sit-Downs and exchange of ideas and informations. For a week, six different activists are cooking the food and entering the discussion.
During the exhibition period, The Campkitchen is an exploration of the use and function of the kitchen as a temporary gathering-spot.

KASPER vj'ing

Myrretæmmer show for P1 ultralyd til Kbh Dox ( + )

GISP! Goes artsy fartsy.

Alles Føsda ( åbningsfest til Distortion 07, )

GISP! Står til søs. ( i samarbejde med Dullen & Dyken, på den smukke
båd Stubnitz )

Kill Christmas.

Kasper helping out folding Triangle Flyers in Istanbul, together with Pistol Pete, Mie Olise and Rosa Lux

En Listig aften, på Club Fox. (i forbindelse med åbningen af Hotel Fox )

Cirka-syv-sjove-dage ( i samarbejde med kunstnu)

PasfotoParadeParty ( i samarbejde med Helene Nymann til Distortion 06 )

En dyrepark i Culture Boxes kælder. ( i samarbejde med DRAMA! )


Duration 51:30 minutes.

Installation description:
Video monitor placed approx. 1.50 meters high.
Label indicating title and length of piece. (the duration information
is important for the read of the piece...)


"Blink" presents itself as a children's game, where two persons stare
into each other's eyes, the looser being the first to blink.
The video piece is a steady shot of the artist in his studio, looking
into the camera for 51.30 minutes, the entire duration of time without
After a certain time of withholding the urge to blink, the artist's
initial bold attitude move into a painful struggle to maintain the
As the artist gradually transform from motivated contender to a person
breaking up; tears running down his face; eyes soaring red, the
spectator is engaged in this decay and are somewhat being responsible
for the excessiveness of the game and the artists suffering.
The traceable endeavor of keeping this fixed gaze, speaks of a
masochistic attempt to avoid the inevitable death, a visualization of
the modern human's fear of its own mortality.