Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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Since 2003, Bella Angora, Christian Falsnaes and So:ren Berner have been carrying out a number of different projects under the common name „KARGO“ next to their individual artistic practices, primarily in the fields of performance, installation and graffiti/public space interventions.
KARGO is an ongoing investigation of the possibilities of performance in contemporary art contexts within the frame ofcollaboration experiments. Through an open exchange of ideas and experiences, KARGO aims at an unpretentious and entertaining, but still diverse and complex, approach to different themes.
Most of their projects have dealt with social/cognitive norms, patterns and structures as well as the conscious decision to question these. In the process of such investigations, KARGO is sampling music, video, public happenings,
graffiti and musical-style-shows with references to philosophy, art history and contemporary culture.
Subliminal massages:

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The experiments and the investigative nature of the process is an important part of the KARGO performance projects.
Not to be afraid to fail, to look stupid or to reveal mistakes.

The performance/public space project KARGOLOGY is an investigation of information patterns in
public space as well as the ways individual people experience the constant flow of information in the city.
KARGO have been taking their starting point in the idea of an information free utopia. What if the city would be wiped clean over night?

It would be an impossible task to delete all information, but the group have used one whole week in Vienna to delete as much information as possible, simply by painting signs, shops, commercials, pictograms, posters and maps white on their way. They have been painting white as an attempt to create a clean, open, free space.
A public white cube. A space where every person in the city is free to insert his or her own information. KARGO has no intention of asserting a theory regarding the subject though. The project is more about
carrying out an experiment and let the public react. Documentation of the experiment will be presented along with thoughts on the subject in a one hour long performance with live music and video projections.

Red and White plaid:

Ahmet from The Hall in Istanbul said:
"If we call ourselves "artist", then as Kargology put it "Being artists its
not an easy thing. Our mission should shake the society and make them question
themselves. So artists should have a statement."

We all loved their braveness, statements, and questioning attidute as a

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