Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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THE TRIANGLE PROJECT PART 9 - "Resistance Through Dreams" - DOME OF VISIONS - APRIL 27TH 2013

The concept of "Resistance Through Dreams" have been developed in collaboration between Gry Vorre Hallberg from House of Futures, Fiction Pimps and The Triangle Project artists.

There is a search going on right NOW, if we in Denmark have a reason to resist what is going on in our country. On Tahir Sqaure, there was resistance, that turned in to the Arabian Spring. In Zuccotti Park there was resistance, that turned into the Occupy Wall Street Movement, that later spread over America like a wildfire.

In Denmark, the latest resistance has been the teachers against the government and local municipalities. The teachers claim, that it was allready a done deal between the Government and the Municipalities before the Lock Out of thousands of children and teachers from their schools even started, is called a Conspiracy Theory.

Conspiracy Theorist is a definition that these days are given to anyone who does not follow the truths of main stream medias official reports. New Speak is being used by the politicians and 1984 has been removed from Are all these facts or are they part of a dream, that by dreaming it and being aware of the dream, we are able to do something about? Can we control our dreams? If so, let's coordinate them as part of the future of The Triangle Project.

On April 27th 2013, the people behind The Triangle Project will host a lovely day, evening and NIGHT at Dome of Visions, that is placed on the exact spot of the legendary Copenhagen Restaurant and Beach concept called Luftkastellet.

The Dome of Visions is a Bucky Dome made out of Triangles and has throughout March and April 2013 been hosting a variety of events, conferences, workshops, concerts, performances and parties. On April 27th, the day starts at 2pm (14:00) with DJ's, Musical Performances, Dance Performances, presentations, Spoken Word and Beer tasting of the Eco Beer from "Rise Bryggeri" situated on the little Danish Green Island called Ærø. 

Sarah Armstrong, also in above video done for Dome of Visions, will be the first performer of the day, with her Hardcore Dance Performance Installation. After Sarah, DJ Rita Blue will set the tone of the rest of the afternoon with her lovely tunes.

Finn Andersen, who is The General Secretary of The Danish Cultural Institute will hold a speech and talk about the future plans for opening up a Danish Cultural Institute in Istanbul. The Spoken Word artist Claus Ankersen will perform his "No Comments" and after that the initiator and facilitator of The Triangle Project Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen will talk about the projects future plans in 2013.

These plans include The Triangle Project Part 9 at Roskilde Festival, where there will be performances by Triangle Artists at the ART ZONE area. 

These performances will be done in collaboration with SKIFT BANK DAG, (above) IBIS, Kommunal Dubplate Services/HVAD, 25CPW Gallery from New York, Sombra Projects, CO2 Green Drive, the New York photographer Brendon Stuart, DJ Copyflex, DJ Rita Blue and many more. The above Triangle will be created as part of the Parade Performance, where particpants will walk a route following the outline of the Orange Triangle. This outline will be painted by the CO2 Green Drive Smart Phone Application and shown live online.

When the day of the 27th of April turns into evening, Gry Nœhr Bagøien will do a lovely musical performance. After Gry, Yann Coppier, Runar Magnusson and Søren Raagaard will perform their Bolero Styled collaboration "All About Water". As the last performer, Karsten Phlum will perform his ambient sounds live, including samples from his new album.

From 10pm (22:00), Copyflex and friends (including Karsten Phlum) will play some booty shaking tunes with bass that will rattle the glass of the Dome. Allan Gram will set the Black Light just right and the bar will serve cold cheap beer.

Go to the event on Facebook Here for the time schedule and Line-up.

Scroll down on this blog or go HERE for more images and inspiration of the plans.



When Neke Carson moved to New York in 1969 after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design he exemplified a new type of artist schooled in the cerebral conceptualism of Marcel Duchamp and inspired by Andy Warhol’s expansion of Pop Art into film and multi-media events. Carson quickly established himself as a conspicuous participant in the Fluxus-infused downtown scene where distinctions between art and life, and the separation between performing and object making, were often blurred.  Although he was primarily a performance artist, Carson also exhibited objects in galleries.  Equally important was his realization that newspapers and magazines provided a new alternative venue through which ideas could be communicated and audiences expanded.

This online exhibition is devoted exclusively to Carson’s early art from 1970 to 1985, the period in which he first established himself as one of the art world’s original thinkers. It is a show filled with unusual masterpieces: psychologically-charged drawings that hint at impropriety; ephemera from guerilla performances staged in Soho galleries without permission; the notorious rectal-realist paintings created with a paintbrush in his behind; and objects connected with ventures like Carson’s LaRocka Modeling Agency and LaRocka Nite Club (later Armageddon) that functioned both as performance art and real-life business.  The works display Carson’s entirely individual take on things, his sense of style and humor, and the transgressive streak that has always kept him a little on the outside.

Gallery 98 is offering some of the best items from this early phase of Carson’s ongoing forty-year career. It is a challenging legacy not only because of the content of the works, but also because of the rarity of the objects due to a devastating fire in 1984 that destroyed much of Carson’s  early work.  Sometimes a printed announcement is all that remains from an important performance.  There exist now only a few drawings from these years and their intent is not aesthetic but as expressions of ideas. What survives is an intriguing and unfamiliar body of work that establishes Carson as one of the most interesting artists to emerge in the 1970s, a decade dominated by performance, conceptual and neo-Dada art.  And Carson continues to be active. For the last twelve years he has been organizing performance events at the Gershwin Hotel in New York; in 2008 he had an exhibition at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh;  and in 2009 he showed new photography at John McWhinnie @ Glenn Horowitz Booksellers, NYC.

Neke Carson--who is also a member of The Triangle Project--exhibited his work at the Copenhagen Photo Festival in 211.

The exhibition was at the DAMP Gallery in Copenhagen and the opening was well attended, as you can see in the above video, that also includes the video screening of Neke's "Inglourious Bastrds Oiano Performance" video.

More about the exhibtion in Copenhagen, go HERE

Neke Carsons Site HERE

Gallery 98's Site HERE