Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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BATUR SÖNMEZ started all his experimental music projects in Istanbul, early 1998. When he founded "Atom Music - Atom Media" in 1999. He also found an idea for the musical scene in turkey called "Atom Music Movement ". He already has started some own experimental, electronic, noise & audio-visual projects such as Analog Suicide (analog electronic industrial noise music ) , Audio (field recordings), Radiophonik (Radiophonics ), Werk (industrial)... He released his CDs from Atom Music label .. He played & organized a lot of live performances in Istanbul. Dadaloop is one of his audio-visual project about Dada art movement. Dadaloop performed first live with turkish multimedia pioneer Teoman Madra in istanbul 2003. Analog Suicide and Mindscan( his another main project that is experimental electronic / sound art) joined Turkey 's the biggest international electronic music festival called "Phonem" in 2004. He also joined in 23.rd international contemporary artists exhibition in istanbul, 2004 with Mindscan .

In 2005, Analog Suicide was released a split cd with "Kazuya Ishigami a.k.a Daruin" from Japan. One track from Analog Suicide released by "Mothers Against Noise" compilation series. Now , BTR (a.k.a Batur Sönmez) "The blue code waveform" track on Beyond Ignorance And Borders compilation was released by Syrphe Recs.

Analog Suicide was on tour in Japan then Russia in 2006 .. After the tours , He founded new label / promoter / studio called TRansmit // audio visual arts.

TRansmit// Recs released "Analog suicide & Astro - live in tokyo" colloboration cd in December 2006. Then, "Analog Suicide / Error - live in istanbul" split video was released . Analog Suicide video was re- released with new cover artworks . "Analog Suicide / Fire In The Head" split cd was just released by TRansmit//.

Analog suicide was on european tour in april 2007.. italy , slovenia, germay & austria. it was great too..


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