Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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The Copenhagen Photo Festival had a visit by some of The Triangle Project's New York crew. The above painting by Anton Perich of Andrea Langdon was supposed to have been shown in Copenhagen along with several of Anton's other wonderful paintings:

The above of Wendy Airhole.

The above of Danish Hollywood Superstar Kristina Korsholm.

 The above of Misha Sedwick, that is of course also a Hollywood Superstar and one of Anton's muses and can be found i films such as "The New Girl" on his own film site Anton Perich Films, where films with Kristina Korsholm also can be found.

The above is Anton Perich with his painting machine and painted portrait of Warren Fischer, who is one part of Fischer Spooner. Music Anton also listens to on high volume when he paints. Actually music is a very important part of Anton's painting process, often listening to for example his son Tristan Perich's work but can also be found listening to Danish Maya Albana.

The above painting of Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla (who has a book written about him where the theory was that he was from Mars) was planned to have hung at the Tesla Show Room in Copenhagen.
Instead photos of Tesla's shot in connection to The CO2 E - Race Project was shown in a slide-show on a large monitor, that also could be seen through the large windows by nigh crawlers on their way home down Bredgade close to the Queens Castle. It was decided to show something NEW from Anton, that had never been shown before and something rather unexpected and mysterious.

The above was the E - flyer and facebook invite for the exhibition that was hosted in the former Carsberg Beer Breweries in a space called "The Castle" with huge round golden mosaics spots on the face of the building.

The Danish daily newspaper Information had a very nice article about the work, where their editor Jens Christoffersen wrote (google translated from Danish) "In this series of pictures Anton has put his mouse Andrea in a dark room upstairs with giant photo developer liquid smeared on the floor with a sponge. Then he elucidates the paper with a flashlight around the naked body. After the image is produced, he has taken the process ednu one slip through to show the image again and then print the bill alleging that Andrea is the size of a barbie doll." While the Photograms was shown in Copenhagen, most of the above paintings was instead shown in Bushwick (Brooklyn) at a new underground space called Microscope Gallery, with great reviews and a screening of Anton's Muhammed Ali documentary as part of the exhibtion, at around the same time as the Copenhagen show was up.
A special issue of NIGHT Magazine was also released in this connection and for the first time in many years, Neke Carson was NOT included with his usual column called TIPS.

Neke Carson was however also shown in Copenhagen at the galley called DAMP run by a group of Copenhagen artists called AveVu, mentioned in a previous post. The above E invite (where it says "Above photograph from Debbie Harry's closet"), was for the exhibition that opened on Neke's birthday with a good party in collaboration with the next door artist run space. Check out the below video:

It was a lovely evening, lovely people, lovely performances and since the gallery was given many cases of Golden Beer of the strong kind, everyone had a large smile and a good time. As you can see in the above video, there was also a video installation in the basement with Neke playing freestyle self tought piano with his now classic "Inglorious Basterds Jazz Suite".

The above photos is done in John Waters closet. The text for the exhibition on the festivals website explains:  "Neke Carson is one of the most important conceptual artists in America, that is still
ahead of his time, even if the series shown at the Copenhagen Photo Festival is
Just Right in time. Neke has said: “I always thought you had to be as far ahead as possible, but if you’re too far ahead, like Buckminster Fuller or Thelonious Monk, (continued below) takes too long for people to catch up. You really need to be three years ahead and two years behind. Then you’ll be right on time.” Neke Carson’s “Portraits for the Closet” series was show in New York for the first time in 2009 and includes colorful, somewhat naughty and lush closet portraits of some of his friends, such as Debbie Harry, John Waters and Billy Name"

In the above photo from Billy Name's closet. After the exhibition was taken down, it was stored in the basement. The very same basement that was flooded during the heaviest rainstorm Copenhagen has seen in most mens memory. Now the damaged prints are called "The Copenhagen Edition" and has a whole new value to them along with a patina of Copenhagen history.

The above E flyer was for the exhibition "Mente du Person!" (Did you Mean Person) that was held at APART, a undercover secret gallery in loft on top of Hotel King Arthur. It was curated by Thomas Andersen and Tim Jørgensen, consisting of Copenhagen based artists using photography as a media in their work. In it, Yrs Truly showed work from 1999 (below), as a direct response to the title of the exhibition, relating to the response one sometimes gets from Google when you type in something it does not understand. And thinks you mean something else, when you don't.

It was nice to see that old image again, hanging on a wall in Copenhagen.

Another part of the Copenhagen Photo Festival was the "Vesterbro Street Exibition" that was organized by The Copenhagen Photo Cafe called Foto Cafeen and is on a corner of Vesterbrogade and Vesterbro Torg, a stone throw from the Red Light District of Copenhagen. Here the longest exhibition in Copenhagen was initiated and orchestrated on all the storefront windows of Vesterbrogade and the former shopping centre called Tove where a wide array of photos selected by a curator team in collaboration with Tony from Foto Cafeen.  One of the artists and photographers exhibiting in this project was another Triangle artist named Torben Dalhof. A painter, poet, teacher with a degree in Computer Science that has recently release his 4th poetry collection called "Pilgrim". The above photo installation still life was created during a yoga fasting period in the beginning of 2011. These are the visions and work he created in this connection.

According to Torben Dalhof, his images are: "Tribute to Bacchus, which show different ways of living and thinking in the modern world of today. We all have to show each others respect and love. One world many people and life is hard".

The above is of his son Rune.

The above was the window installation at Foto Cafeen in 2010 when Victor Bockris had an exhibition there and Ali and Andy looked out over Vesterbro Torg for quite some time.

Plans for the The Triangle Project's involvement in 2012 Copenhagen Photo Festival includes bringing Istanbul photographers to the city. Through the Triangle Project connections have been made to several New School photographers, whole also exhibited in Part 4 of the project in Karsi Sanat.