Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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2007 was a year that brought many new experiences that will make 2008 even better.
Omeo Radio has made sure that you will get the right soundtrack to your new year by releasing yet another mix tape. You should however also listen to Palle Tenfalk's "Jesus Xmas Mix" found on the Omeo playlist. Also keep your ears open for a DJ Lightlines mix in the near future.



When Danish Heidi Mortenson performed in Istanbul during The Triangle Project, she blew most people's mind. The old school New York DJ Johan Afterglow came up to me and said that after seeing Heidi perform live, the concept of performing had a new meaning to him. Basically Heidi intimidated many of the ego tripping young artists, but also gave them huge respect for her and made them perform even better. Heidi Mortenson is of great inspiration to anyone out there on the club scene, and not only women. Off stage she is almost invisible, but once she goes on stage her artist persona explodes, even if it seemed like she was holding back her full fledged Berlin edge. Heidi performs regularly all over Berlin, both with her live act (including human beatbox and scratch) and with a DJ set.
On the 7th of December she will be performing together with Peaches. The big difference between Peaches and Heidi is that Heidi has not been given the respect and mainstream appreciation that Peaches has. But staying underground in the streets of Berlin, not playing the sex card, will keep it real...and Heidi is keeping it real.

07.12.2007 in Berlin

DJ line up:


Mehringdamm 61



The Desteni Universe web site is a place where you can hear JFK talk about why he got shot, why Britney Spears is bald and how happy George Harrison still is for being able to create the music he did when he was alive...all channeled to this lovely young woman sitting in a room somewhere in South Africa. Basically she has the answers to all questions you might have, in entertaining and intense speeches by all kinds of people and historical figures, concepts, systems and thought constructs.
Open up and let it in.


(That's not including the 42.000 pages of mostly useless cover material).

Bitshslap Magazine is releasing yet another issue of useless information.
Or as Nick put's it:
"That's right, if you can put 2+2 together you'll realize we've really had our heads down and hands on the absinthe bottle for this issue. We're pretty much knocking out 100 pages of glory this time and have upped the distribution to a whopping 7000 within the inner streets of Copenhagen, which includes the few brave travellers that are to be found in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Vancouver, Sydney, Wellington and a few hundred over in Århus. We get a few web reads too, thanks to those poor bastards that can't get hold of a hard-copy."

Bitchslap magazine was created by a couple of immigrants were bored in winter, thought the grumpy danes were funny, and decided to dedicate 300 shitty, hand cropped, blood smeared, home printered substitutes for toilet paper to taking the piss.

Kids in the Kitchen/Bitchslap magazine
all content and attachments © 2007 Kids in the Kitchen.
All rights reserved.
and visit the myspace:
ARTREBELS IN THE ETHER are online...and what is Artrebels?

ArtRebels is a Cph-based creative community for designers, DJs, artist, musicians, VJs, filmmakers and other creative souls.
ArtRebels is a movement, a business, a network, a shop and a way of life.
There is also HeartRebels:
HeartRebels represents the value of the others, the appreciation of difference, diversity and culture. It aims to establish a foundation for cooperation and sharing. By giving focus to people and matters that have been marginalised, discriminated or excluded, it aspirates to uplift and create opportunities. HeartRebels go beyond borders and seeks to break down boundaries that prevent people from working together, inspire each other, teach and help each other. It recognises the impediments that exists within systems settled by political conviction, mostly dominated by neo-liberal tendencies. Its will is to disregard any form of disparity and make inclusion one of the cornerstones of its framework.

HeartRebels accentuate that cooperation beyond religion, tradition, culture and gender, is essential to emphasise to prevent unnecessary infringements. Infringements which have taken place too long in our, as well as the world society.


Ny Dansk Kunst 07 sætter igen fokus på den progressive danske kunst i årbogen Ny dansk kunst 07. Hvem markerede sig i årets løb? Hvilke udstillinger gav genlyd? Og hvilke tendenser præger kunsten netop nu?
Ny Dansk Kunst 07 er på gaden!
reception d. 23. november kl. 19 på Karriere

Event: Ny Dansk Kunst 07 reception
"Ny Dansk Kunst 07 er på gaden"
What: Preview
Host: kopenhagen publishing
When: Friday, November 23 at 7:00pm
Where: Karriere

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:


The only way to define the art of Lydia Lunch is simply not to.

Legendary old school performance artist from The New York Underground will take on the stage of Dogzstar in Istanbul, where most artists in The Triangle Project also performed on in September.

Hailed by the Boston Phoenix as "one of the 10 most influential performers of the 90's", no other artist of the 20th century has fought, forged, punched, and sculpted their own artistic vision in such a uniquely original way. Defying categorization, Lydia Lunch actively has conquered new territories, and has gained international recognition for the innovative quality of her work.

Through music, books, spoken word performances, film, video, photography, poetry and a multitude of creative endeavors, Lydia Lunch has proven to be one of the most interesting and daring artists of the current era. While many others of her generation have dissolved into the trappings of commercialism, her artistic vision has, through the years, been strengthened, redefined, and focused into an expression uniquely her own.

Baptized as a confrontationalist, Lydia Lunch commenced at age 16 as primal screamer and guitar guerrilla for the seminal "no-wave" band Teenage Jesus and the Jerks (1976). In early 1978, artist and producer Brian Eno attended a series of shows put on to benefit the Artist's Space in Soho and influenced Island Records to finance an anthology LP featuring the four strongest bands- Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, The Contortions, Mars and DNA. The resulting recording, entitled No New York and produced by Eno, remains as one of the most impressive — and extraordinarily bold — debuts of the time.

Simultaneous to Teenage Jesus, Lunch formed Beirut Slump, released one single and recorded an album's worth of material. Her solo debut, 1980's Queen of Siam, proved to be one of her most acclaimed efforts, influencing an entire generation of underground bands and artists. Flavored with a big-band cabaret sound provided by The Billy Ver Plank Orchestra, featuring sophisticated arrangements by Ver Plank himself, and an appearance by noted guitarist Robert Quine, the album proved that Lunch could embark in new directions and succeed.

Also a critical success and favorite of the New York rock reviewers, her next band, 8 Eyed Spy brought Lunch into a more traditional rock format. After 1982's 13.13, which featured former members of the Weirdos, Lunch began a series of collaborations, working with Nick Cave and The Birthday Party on the EP The Agony Is the Ecstasy, as well as Einsturzende Neubauten, Die Haut, Sort Sol, The Swans' Michael Gira, Marc Almond, and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.

What: Performance
When: Thursday, December 6 at 9:00pm
Where: Dogzstar, Istanbul

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:


Exhibition at the Institute for Wellness

A collaboration between artists Peter Lorenz and Samina Bazai - as a
part of the project "The robbery". The photo is first shown at the
institute for wellness from the 15-17 nov 2007, Copenhagen Denmark.

Opening hours 4-8 pm
Vesterbrogade 14
1620 Copenhagen V



Cyprus-born Stelios Arcadiou, known as Stelarc, is an Australian-based performance artist whose work “explores and extends the concept of the body and its relationship with technology through human-machine interfaces incorporating medical imaging, prosthetics, robotics, VR systems and the internet.”

He recently generated quite a controversy after having an ear grafted onto his forearm in the name of art. He said that his extra ear, made of human cartilage, is an augmentation of the body's form. Some surgeons questioned whether such an operation should have been carried out, given the absence of clinical need while some patients who had similar surgery to correct a birth defect said she found the artist's work offensive.

The blending of art and science is highly praised by the Raelians as the message given to Rael by his alien friends clearly state that all life forms were created by human beings who combined their advanced genetic understanding with a high artistic sense.
“If life had been created by scientists only, it would be functional and grey” said Rael in one of his recent addresses to students. This is unfortunately perfectly illustrated by the comments of these surgeons from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons who are questioning the ethics of the operation, arguing that operations should only be performed for “obvious clinical or psychological benefits”.
Well one might ask; an ear on the that a earm?


Ny Alliance i frontalt-angreb på regeringens kultur-politik om Copyrights
besked fra Aabskur Produktions

Ny Alliances folketingskandidat Morten Bay udsendte d.30.oktober en pressemeddelelse som kun kan fortolkes som et frontalt angreb på Regeringens kultur-politik. Udspillet er omtalt i dagens Nyhedsavisen:

Morten Bay argumenterer i pressemeddelelsen for et kopiering og fildeling skal gøres lovligt mod en licens på 75 kr. om måneden. Regeringens politik på området er, at kopiering skal sidesættes med tyveri og kunne straffes med fængselsstraf.

Hvis der reelt er tale om Ny Alliance-politik, vil forslaget formentligt umuliggøre et samarbejde mellem Regeringen og Ny Alliance, da netop kulturpolitikken har været et kerneområde i Regeringens værdikamp. Der er tale om en værdipolitisk uenighed på linie med Jørgen Poulsens ønske om at tømme asylcentrene - men dog et emne med langt mindre opmærksomhed i offentligheden.

Forslaget ligger fint i tråd med Ny Alliances kulturpolitik om at sætte fokus på teknologisk udvikling og øget adgang til biblioteker og arkiver.

Forslaget er utroligt spændende for ikke-kommercielle kultur-distributører som f.eks. Aabskur Productions, da vi ikke har mulighed for at cleare rettighederne til alt materiale, og derfor konstant befinder os i en juridisk gråzone. Vi håber, at pressen vil give forslaget den kæmpe opmærksomhed, det fortjener. Ophavsret er det 21.århundredes olie, og vi bliver nødt til at forvalte emnet seriøst og demokratisk.

Læs om forslaget hos Morten Bay:

Læs Ny Alliances kulturpolitik:

Besøg Aabskur Produktions:

Læs mere om Open Source:





Institute For Wellness

The Triangle Project spinns off in new wonderful directions

Søren Berner, Al Masson, Slutspurt , Pia Lundqvist, Rasmus Bjørn, Judith Hoersch, Martin Jørgensen, Lamburg Tony, Karsten Pflum, Misja Thirslund Krenchle, Himmelbjerg, Mikkel Meyer, Thomas Ahrensbøll Hansen, Helvedesmaskinen, Peter Lorenz, Tanja Schlander, Søren Raagaard, MAMAMO (Bottega-areté), Thomas Krogsbøl (øverste kirurgiske), Ditte Haarlev, Jonas Seeberg, Ditte Haarlev, Thomas Andersen, 8bit Klubben, Anders Elberling, Jonas Seeberg, Skærm 83, Ultralyd, Ohyun Kwon, Rudeless, Captn Snooze, Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen, SILENCIO, Samina Bazai (Paletti / Pumping Puppies)

Michael Mørkholt, Dødskuglen, Eva La Cour, Søs Gunver Ryberg, Mikko Mansikkala Jensen, Peter-Clement Woetmann, Johan Ebbesen, Loke Sebastian, Casper Øbro, Kristoffer Bredahl, Morten M.H.M., Christian Dinesen, Kasper Lynge Jensen, Paletti TV, Rosa Lux, Anne-Sophie Malmberg (Pumping Puppies), Lights People, ROY amundsen, Amitai Rolf, Copy-Flex, Jakob Bue, Lasse (SameSame), Hornkvartetten , RUDELESS, Janne Sandholm, Gry Bagøien, Lotte Oldenburg (Paletti), Peter Stanners, Döner Olfe, Lonely Boy Choir, Dagmar Krøyer , Good luck Casper, Morten Larsen, Alarm 112, Martin Jørgensen, LIFE AQUATIC, Argh!, Gud er kvinde, Christian Schmidt Rasmussen,

præsenterer et visuelt og auditivt samsurium fra d. 26. oktober til d. 25. november i 480 kvadratmeter på Vesterbrogade 14

En blanding af maleri, tegning, grafik, skulptur, netkunst, performance, lyd, musik, radio, installation, film, video, animation og montage, der præsenteres i en progressiv udstilling. der indtager rummene over en 5 ugers periode.
Der vil være reception og festligheder med nye kunstnere hver weekend.
Vi ved ikke hvor det ender, men vi ved det ender den 25. november.

Mere info:


Grand Opening of new club in Istanbul

In a mail from The Triangle Projects New York and Istanbul friend Stephen Riolo
"I'll be in Istanbul tomorrow helping out with the opening of machine club (this saturday the 13'th @ balo sok.31/b beyoglu.) I'm also coming to feel out the possibilities of facilitating Queeruption '09 in istanbul. Soti and I have just been in NYC for my mom's 50'th b-day. Also had the chance to visit out a ton galleries, museums and project spaces. I'd love to see what's been going on in the istanbul arts scene post-biennale.

I'm crashing on a friend floor in cihanger, but it sounds pretty packed with club folks. If any one has an empty bedroom or sofa (and a shower) please hook me up. Soti's space in Athens is being renovated as we're developing it into a live-in arts salon space, with a cultural event series (films, talks, performances.) It all begins in the new year near Omonia!"

Stephen is also friends with Copenhagen based Miss Fish

his myspace:
and website:


Sort is the new Black
Søs Gunver Ryberg, who showed her project "Hello - The Pope is Dead" in Istanbul is together with various other danish artists particpating in an exhibition called "Sort" (Black) dealing with the issues of darkness in the depth of the human soul.
(to see the image in a larger size, just click on image)
OMEO RADIO for your audio pleasures

OMEO Radio is a delightful radiostation you can go onto and have laying on your desktop all day playing you a extraordinarily fine selection of music. All you need to do is to click on this link and off you are.


Eva La Cour
Food Culture Mash Up in Istanbul
Eva and a various group of Danish and Turkish artists..along with a various group of people in the streets, including a lovely local old lady..cooked food in the streets, for both The Triangle Project crew and the people of Istanbul.

Video documentation by Umut T. Egitimci

Check it out here


from wired

You may not know the "Amen Brother" drum loop by name, but you've heard it hundreds or thousands of times. The following video, which should be required viewing for anyone interested in sampling, copyright, and culture, traces the so-called "amen break" from its original recording in 1969 through hip hop, jungle, IDM, advertising, a site that only plays songs created using it, and finally a company called Zero G, which sells the break -- the copyright of which is not enforced by its owners -- on a copyrighted CD.
The video lasts over 18 minutes (which is like three YouTube eternities), but its tale of a six-second drum break creating an entire subculture is engaging and informative, and contains a great lesson about how the expansion of copyright laws is hurting our culture


Wanna Get Grounded?

Stephen Hawkings
from malmø, sweden

Since 2003, Bella Angora, Christian Falsnaes and So:ren Berner have been carrying out a number of different projects under the common name „KARGO“ next to their individual artistic practices, primarily in the fields of performance, installation and graffiti/public space interventions.
KARGO is an ongoing investigation of the possibilities of performance in contemporary art contexts within the frame ofcollaboration experiments. Through an open exchange of ideas and experiences, KARGO aims at an unpretentious and entertaining, but still diverse and complex, approach to different themes.
Most of their projects have dealt with social/cognitive norms, patterns and structures as well as the conscious decision to question these. In the process of such investigations, KARGO is sampling music, video, public happenings,
graffiti and musical-style-shows with references to philosophy, art history and contemporary culture.
Subliminal massages:

Powerpoint presentation:

The experiments and the investigative nature of the process is an important part of the KARGO performance projects.
Not to be afraid to fail, to look stupid or to reveal mistakes.

The performance/public space project KARGOLOGY is an investigation of information patterns in
public space as well as the ways individual people experience the constant flow of information in the city.
KARGO have been taking their starting point in the idea of an information free utopia. What if the city would be wiped clean over night?

It would be an impossible task to delete all information, but the group have used one whole week in Vienna to delete as much information as possible, simply by painting signs, shops, commercials, pictograms, posters and maps white on their way. They have been painting white as an attempt to create a clean, open, free space.
A public white cube. A space where every person in the city is free to insert his or her own information. KARGO has no intention of asserting a theory regarding the subject though. The project is more about
carrying out an experiment and let the public react. Documentation of the experiment will be presented along with thoughts on the subject in a one hour long performance with live music and video projections.

Red and White plaid:

Ahmet from The Hall in Istanbul said:
"If we call ourselves "artist", then as Kargology put it "Being artists its
not an easy thing. Our mission should shake the society and make them question
themselves. So artists should have a statement."

We all loved their braveness, statements, and questioning attidute as a

more info?


Denmark's biggest lineup ever within do-it-yourself-techno, mashups, breakcore, bmore, baile funk, fidget house, kuduro, pakitech and kiddie jungle...
Ghetto Rave
Fagget Fairys
Tom Collins
Kid Kishore
Papita Perez
AD! Crew
DJ Øyås
Mockin' Bird
Lady Box
Liquid Linus
Lost Boys

Artwork/flyers by: Bitch Slap Magazine


Kopehnag New York İstanbul : Triangle Project The Hall Beyoğlunda

Gusto Gastro Gurme Triangle Project The Hall Beyoğlu Nikolaj Kirk Dilara Erbay 5-10 Eylül tarihleri arasında 10. İstanbul Bienaline paralel yürütülecek olan Kophenag, New York ve İstanbul'u bir sanat üçgeni haline getiren Triangle Project, The Hall'da gerçekleşecek.
Etkinlik kapsamında Sound art visual art, food art, moda instolasyonları gibi konseptler öne çıkarılırken yeni sanat akımları tanıtılacak...
Kopehnag New York İstanbul : Triangle Project The Hall Beyoğlunda
Projenin food art bölümünde Dünyaca ünlü Danimarkalı Şef Nikolaj Kirk İstanbullu yemek sanatçısı Dilara Erbay ile buluşacak.
İkilinin çikolata parçalarından tasarlayacakları elbiseyi Amsterdamlı performans artisti Barbara Lawrence üstünde taşıyacak.
Bu görkemli sanat şovununun yapılacağı mekan The Hall Beyoğlu, eski bir Ermeni Kilisesinden dönüştürülmüş 24 saat açık bir sanat mekanı..

The Hall, Beyoğlu'nun yeni mekanı. Eski Ermeni kilisesinden dönüştürülen The Hall, sanatsal ve kültürel yaratıcı tüm projelere açık bir etkinlik merkezi olarak düşünülmüş.

Beyoğlu Emek Sineması'nın sokağından girin; önce sola, sonra sağa dönün. Karşınızdaki binanın görkemine zaten hemen kapılacaksınız. Burası The Hall.

The Hall, İstanbul'da benzeri pek olmayan bir etkinlik merkezi.

Yaratıcı her türlü organizasyona açık olan The Hall; çağdaş sanat, tasarım, moda, kültürel etkinler ve performans merkezi ve 24 saat açık bir mekan olarak tasarlanmış. The Hall eski bir kiliseden dönüştürülmüş. Bu kiliseyi ve etrafındaki bina kompleksini 1876'da, Mısırlıyan soyadıyla anılan İstanbul'un köklü ailelerinden üç hayırsever kız kardeş inşa ettirmiş. Kilisenin tam adı Ermeni Katolik Surp Asdvazaziz Kilisesi. The Hall binası da kilisenin vakfına bağlı bir bina. Son 20 senede burası matbaa, ayakkabı imalathanesi gibi amaçlarla kullanılmış ancak daha öncesinde burada ne yapıldığı bilinmiyor.

The Hall kiliseye adapte edilen yeni iç mekân tasarımıyla da her türlü sanatsal etkinliğin gerçekleşmesine olanak sağlıyor. The Hall'un iç mekân tasarımları Şirin İskit yapmış. İki ana bölümden oluşan mekânın; DJ performansları, konserler, parti organizasyonları, film/albüm galaları, şirket toplantıları, konferanslar, sinema gösterimleri, sergiler, moda gösterileri, fotoğraf çekimleri, workshop ve yemek sanatı gibi farklı organizasyonlara kapısı açık...


The Triangle Poster Istanbul Campaign
The poster and origami invite was designed by Romeo Vidner from re-public.

Romeo also designed the identity of Skål!, who was one of the pilot projects
for The Triangle Project. The Skål! project took place in New York during the Swedish midsummer 2005. The Triangle project will take place in New York during the Danish midsummer 2008.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This was the flyer, inside art imagery and front of the CD cover that was made
for the events the group participated with in New York.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
We had a local poster sniper team all over Istanbul...

Here the Triangle artists are folding the invite origami before
an evening out in town, to invite the people of Istanbul.
It was folded into a triangle that with the help of Pistol Pete's folding
skills and instructions, became a small tight closed object.

The mussels sold by these street fastfood sellers, are with rice and hot spices
with a good squeeze of lemon. Good for late night potency, it has been told.


Camille Jones performed at The Triangle Project's event "The Hall Of Sound" at The Hall on September 6th
in collaboration with Copyflex

Camille also performed at the exclusive Istanbul club 360, where several of the Triangle Artists truly enjoyed having x-mas flashback's while engulfing in their cherry duck and a good red wine from 360's own label.

Many of the Triangle artists also performed at 360 in one way or the other. (not above)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Rosa Lux had a jealous girlfriend of the very friendly drummer who played hardcore tribal beats over all music--pull the cables from her cd players...while she was playing.

It must be said, Camille was treated like royalty and played the role very well! Better than if the Danish Real Royal Mary had visited the city..

But Mary, was there with the help of Danish Ohh Mary Mary and their video as part of the visual stimulations at The Hall.

Kitchcraft also played as part of our Istanbul part of the Triangle Artists crew, and we look forward to see them play in Copenhagen soon.

Food Art Performance
The Turkish chef Dilara Erbay and the Danish chef Nikolaj Kirk
created a interactive food mash-up performance on September 6th.
On September 9th Dilara did her own performance collaborating
with photographer Ahmet Agaoglu,
singer and performer Barbara Lourens,
sound artists
Cenk Sarkus
and Halit Soysal doing live Video-art

Dilara Sabra Cadabra is, at the same time, a food workshop project where food meets art, design and innovation. It has brought to life Turkey’s first dining-design projects, designed activities reflecting flavour cultures of Anatolia, from Armenian to Blacksea dishes, and turned world cuisine such as Indian, Italian and Far Eastern, into surprising cultural projects.
Dilara Sabra Cadabra offers a wide range of design and information exchange services such as food styling, consultancy and seminars with an all-encompassing view of the culinary world.


Beral Madra about Istanbul as European City of Culture 2010

By Julide Karahan from Today's Zaman

Artists should be given the attention they deserve

Beral Madra: “2010 should be perceived as an overall development project. On the surface are projects for new museums, places, venues and urban transformation. But the job is not just constructing buildings. The question is whether a group of people in a hierarchical structure can carry the responsibility of implementing everything. If you just list the names and the corresponding jobs they are doing, this structure will arise. Former coordinators of European capitals of culture told us to focus on one thing: ‘We made a mistake by not including artists, don’t make the same mistake.’ Another thing is structuring the venues where these cultural activities will take place and the staff that are going to work at those venues.”
Flying Triangles

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


After several days of rest followed by a few of toil, the photographs of the Triangle Project are ready. It's relatively comprehensive with a smattering of my own tourist photographs for good measure. I was a little ill for a few days, however, which meant that I missed out on documenting some of the fun, so its perhaps not as comprehensive as I would have liked.
Anyways, they can be found at . I will be posting a few of the photos directly onto the blog when I get some time over the next week.



we ran from The Hall to Atatürk Kultural Merkezi (a biennial exhibition venue), discussing if it was a good slogan that the Istanbul Biennial had choosen for the 2007 biennial: "OPTIMIST IN THE AGE OF GLOBAL WAR".

the artist run was video documented by Martin Køhler Jørgensen and Sarah Hilmer Rex. Go here to see captions of their footage



Edward Said and "Orientalism"

Léon Cogniet's 1835 depiction of Bonaparte's Egyptian Expedition expresses Western perception of "The Exotic Orient"

One of Edward Said’s central ideas is that knowledge about the East is generated not through actual facts, but through imagined constructs that imagined "Eastern" societies as being all fundamentally similar, all sharing crucial characteristics that are not possessed by "Western" societies. Thus, this ‘a priori’ knowledge set up the East as the antithesis of the West. Such knowledge is constructed through literary texts and historical records which are often limited in terms of their understanding of the actualities of life in the Middle East.
Before Said's work, "Oriental" was widely used to mean the opposite of "occidental" ('western').

The comparisons made between the two were generally unfavorable to the former, however, respected institutions like the Oriental Institute of Chicago, the London School of Oriental and African Studies or Università degli studi di Napoli L'Orientale, carried the term with no explicit reproach.

The word "Orient" fell into disrepute after the word "Orientalism" was coined with the publication of the groundbreaking work Orientalism by the American-Palestinian scholar Edward Said. Following the ideas of Michel Foucault, Said emphasized the relationship between power and knowledge in scholarly and popular thinking, in particular regarding European views of the Islamic Arab world. Said argued that Orient and Occident worked as oppositional terms, so that the "Orient" was constructed as a negative inversion of Western culture.

Although Edward Said limited his discussion to academic study of Middle Eastern, African and Asian history and culture, he asserted that "Orientalism is, and does not merely represent, a significant dimension of modern political and intellectual culture." Said's discussion of academic Orientalism is almost entirely limited to late 19th and early 20th-century scholarship. Most academic Area Studies departments had already abandoned an imperialist or colonialist paradigm of scholarship. He names the work of Bernard Lewis as an example of the continued existence of this paradigm, but acknowledges that it was already somewhat of an exception by the time of his writing (1977).

The idea of an "Orient" is a crucial aspect of attempts to define "the West." Thus, histories of the Greco-Persian Wars may contrast the monarchical government of the Persian Empire with the democratic tradition of Athens, as a way to make a more general comparison between the Greeks and the Persians, and between "the West" and "the East", or "Europe" and "Asia", but make no mention of the other Greek city states, most of which were not ruled democratically.

Taking a comparative and historical literary review of European, mainly British and French, scholars and writers looking at, thinking about, talking about, and writing about the peoples of the Middle East, Said sought to lay bare the relations of power between the colonizer and the colonized in those texts. Said's writings have had far-reaching implications beyond area studies in Middle East, to studies of imperialist Western attitudes to India, China and elsewhere. It was one of the foundational texts of postcolonial studies. Said later developed and modified his ideas in his book Culture and Imperialism (1993).

Many scholars now use Said's work to attempt to overturn long-held, often taken-for-granted Western ideological biases regarding non-Westerners in scholarly thought. Some post-colonial scholars would even say that the West's idea of itself was constructed largely by saying what others were not. If "Europe" evolved out of "Christendom" as the "not-Byzantium," early modern Europe in the late 16th century (see Battle of Lepanto) certainly defined itself as the "not-Turkey."

Said puts forward several definitions of 'Orientalism' in the introduction to Orientalism. Some of these have been more widely quoted and influential than others:
"A way of coming to terms with the Orient that is based on the Orient's special place in European Western experience."

"a style of thought based upon an ontological and epistemological distinction made between 'the Orient' and (most of the time) 'the Occident'."
"A Western style for dominating, restructuring, and having authority over the Orient."
"...particularly valuable as a sign of European-Atlantic power over the Orient than it is as a veridic discourse about the Orient."

"A distribution of geopolitical awareness into aesthetic, scholarly, economic, sociological, historical, and philological texts."

In his Preface to the 2003 edition of Orientalism, Said also warned against the "falsely unifying rubrics that invent collective identities," citing such terms as "America," "The West," and "Islam," which were leading to what he felt was a manufactured "clash of civilisations."

The painting "Le Bain turc," (Turkish Bath) by J.A.D. Ingres
more info on Orientalism
Turkish MTV Spot by Bottega Areté & Samesame
Music by Copyflex


BM Suma Contemporary Art Center “At The End of the Rainbow”

BM Suma Contemporary Art Center
“At The End of the Rainbow”
6th of September – 5th of October
Curated By Thomas Andersen and his never ending optimism in connection to the Istanbul Biennial 2007

This part of the project represents some of the most cutting edge artists from Denmark. Amongst others Peter Bonde, known for his rebellious approach to painting, combining paint with untraditional materials and catchy words resulting in an ironic play between language and painting as in his ‘piss paintings’ series;

Marco Evaristti, a provocateur, mostly oriented towards an interest in the excess and catashtrophy of the body, known for his goldfish in blenders, leaving it up to the public to press the button and blend the fish;

Thierry Geoffrey Colonel achieved great acknowledgement for his Emergency Room project at P.S. 1 in New York this year, where an artist from a pool of 50-60 American and international artists entered ER every day to showcase their artistic responses to the headlines of the previous 24 hours. In Istanbul he was represented by Copyflex (above in yellow T -Shirt) that held an Art Run through the streets of the city along with an istallation in BM Suma.

Above work by Ismar Cirkinagic

Above: Anders Brinch's Rainbow that was too big to carry up the stairways of BM Suma. Peter Bonde then came up with the idea to cut it in halft and stand it up against the Black Mirror that was in one of the rooms of BM Suma and the other half in the next room with Marco Evaristti's work.

Artists participating from Denmark: Peter Bonde, Jon Stahn, Anders Brinch, Thierry Geoffrey Colonel, Fie Norsker, Maria Wæhrens, Marco Evaristti, Ismar Cirkinagic, Rasmus Bjørn and Anna Odell

Beral Madra above in her purple couch. Beral Madra is the director of BM SUMA and also curated a show called "Unfinnished Work" on the 3rd floor of the Art Center.

Cancer, Istanbul 2007

Halvdan Graffiti, Istanbul, 9th Century rune graffiti in Haga Sophia