Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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SOL - A Midsummer Solstice Celebration Performance at Chelsea Art Museum

"SOL/SUN" - An invocation installation, was realized at the Chelsea Art Museum Midsummer Solstice Celebration on the of june 2009, as a one-nite only real time artwork resulting of a collaboration between Danish Triangle Project artists Claus Ankersen and Mille Kalsmose. The work installation is an audio-visual human-projector embodiment of solar power and solar worship, covering aspects of historical, mythic, magical and esoteric character, and linking human and solar existence, hope and rebirth into a potent, powerful, evocative and spellbinding whole.

Chelsea Art Museum

556 W 22nd st. @ 11th AVE
New York, NY



Captain Hope became Captain Hope after getting an Electric Shock by the Electric Car called WHISPER after a terrible disaster in Danish Industrial and Green history.
The Captain Hope cartoon character was created by Jørgen Bitsch and performed live by Claus Ankersen

To be screened at The Gershwin Hotel with Neke Carson on June 23rd 2009

– Ode to Ishtar and Dionysus
a film by Suzette Gemzøe and Thomas Seest, Transcendens Dilettante, Copenhagen 2009

Primus Erotica is a celebration of the forces of love and sexuality represented by two major gods Ishtar and Dionysus. Before Christianity, there were temples and rites for these matters, but Christianity transformed the gods into witches with major consequences for our emotional life. Playing with fire is a natural ingredient in all spiritual rites and has always been considered a dangerous act.

Three feet, three candles

8 edged star

"We have seen the new Lars Von Trier film; Anti Christ, and felt a need to outlive a symbolic spiritual rite, free from Christian interpretation - we are not Christian, nor anti-Christian, we are dealing with matters that concern 5.000 years of human civilization".

Recipe (for two persons)

2 persona
2 apples
sugar and cinnamon
primus cooker and white spirit
(add cigarettes and wine according to temperament and style)

Gently peel apples, preferably in one long peel, until naked. remove
the core and cut the apples in half, horizontally so that a star
appears on each half. expose the apples to heat and fire, until dark
and soft and consume them with alcohol.
thus ingesting an ancient love potion and redirecting your senses
with the drug of alcohol you will both synchronously enter the
ever persisting realm of sexual energy, mutual desire and quiet,
weightless ecstasy. here Ishtar rules alongside Dionysus, forever
nursing an eight pointed star of fire that will eat you up, possess your bodies, liberate your senses, purify your minds and enable unified transcending energy.



Tristan above playing on Copenhagen's Trinitatis Church House Organ

Tristan Perich was together with Katie Shima recently in Copenhagen (DK) and Malmö (SWE) to perform. In Malmö as part of the "Overhead Festival" produced by Christopher Nelson and in Copenhagen as part of "Festival of Endless Gratitude" produced by Hurraaaa (fomer Bottega Areté). On the 22nd of June he will perform at Scandinavian House in New York as part of The Triangle Project PART 6.

Tristan Perich sites:

One Bit Music:


Website for Scandinavian House:

The Future: Tristan Perich in Copenhagen 2010

Mouritz/Hørslev Project in New York

Brilliant Danish Band with poet and writer Lone Hørslev and musician Mads Mouritz. They will perform as part of PART 6 in New York at Scandinavian House and at Gershwin Hotel with Neke Carson.

Check out their myspace page HERE



The CO2 E - Race Project is in collaboration with Soupa Natural and Distortion hosting the Sunny Happy People Parade, to celebrate the source of all energy and life.

This is the first version of the CO2 E - Race (CO2 Green Drive) that is done. More to come through out 2009 and into the future.

TIME: 19.00
PLACE: AXELTORV - Next to Scala across the street from Tivoli
TO: ENGHAVEPLADS - Where the Parade turns into Dance
WITH: CO2 neutral ways of transportation and Music...passing by spots throughout vesterbronx.

More about Distortion Festival HERE

Sunny Happy People Myspace profile HERE

CO2 E - Race blog HERE
"Dét edderbixme teltede..."

--Morten Leck Plesner og Christian Elovara Dinesen--

"I 2005 boede vi på samme tid i Barcelona, begge for at arbejde med kunst. Som et sideprojekt opstod en ide om en overlevelsestur i bjergene nord for Barcelona. 5 hårde dage med dåsemad, tømmerflåds bygning, overnatning under åben himmel i klippesprækker, garn graffiti og alt for lidt vand m.m. Resultatet, sygdomsperioder for begge, den ene slemmere end den anden, men ikke desto mindre opstod et samarbejde og en fælles interesse om oplevelser og kunst i naturen..".

-Ultra Grøn er social interaktion, non profit, gør det selv
-Ultra Grøn udforsker, undersøger, bygger, maler, handler og tager ansvar
-Ultra Grøn skaber æstetiske værker i naturen, på gaden,
eller i udstillingsrummet
-Ultra Grøn arbejder for en gennemskuelig kunst som de fleste
kan forholde sig til
-Ultra Grøn giver lyst til skabe oplevelser og interaktion med dens miljø
-Ultra Grøn har desværre to onde tvillinger, som vi ikke tager ansvar for

klisterfestz from on Vimeo.

"Dét edderbixme teltede..."

Ultra Grøn ´s første solo-udstilling

Fredag 5. Juni 2009 16.00-23.00
Udstillingen løber indtil 6. Juli

Happy jazz i gaden (gamle vinyler),
ØKOMAD fra grill, kolde øl og chill-out på gaden foran WAS.
Åbningen er en del af Distortion.

SUNNY HAPPY PEOPLE PARADEN kommer at rulle forbi til åbningen på WAS d. 5. Juni

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