Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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Triangle Project presents a wide range of the Danish experimental electronic music scene.

This collection of artists comprises a large group from Aarhus, and a smaller group from Copenhagen.
The main differences between the two being that the Aarhusian section is more rooted in institutional forms, where the Copenhagen group is more connected to club and/or street culture.

With the heart connected to something that makes noises and other electronic distorted sounds is the output of Copyflex; danceable, upbringing and positive with noise Copyflex reach out and fondle the deepest fear of the human psyche in an energetic uprising and controlled way.

Kid Kishore
Is the master of Danish Mash-up. He produces and perks up ethnic music. Let’s call it: Perk Tech (Danish ghetto tech), Hardcore Bhangra Mash-up, Tabla Tjekno, UK Bhangra, Goldenage Bollywood, Eow Punk. He is the gabber of styles.

Mikkel Meyer
Mikkel Meyer is a composer, producer and laptop musician with a special interest in translation and conversion of sound material. He has among other things produced for ResonanceFM and Danish Radio and performs in several different band constellations. On his own Mikkel turns his hand to a dubbier, more Berlin-centric music style, by fusing Jazz, Electronica and pure dub Techno, he imbues his tracks with static, hiss and funk. Freaked out samples that are cut-up and looped to perfection meet incredibly detailed rhythmic structures to create a dense, funky vibe that will move you as well as engage you.

Radio Magica:
Consisting of Søren helvild Raagaard, Tanja Schlander and CIBO.
Was founded in the beginning of this millennium.
Here people met. The sound of people was the core theme and the range of abruptly noises from; dinner-conversations, demonstrations, dance-floors and the psycho- geographic city-walks painted the picture of the sonic being of everyday life. Small talks, DJ'ing, slow food and master productions of a various homegrown electronic music and poetry were fundamental ingredients in this sonic soup.
Radio Magica is still; all that noise."


Fueled by years of dance floor attendance at raves and jungle/ dnb venues he started sculpting away at his intricate take on beat programming. Quickly getting recognition for his uncompromising sound and overwhelming presence on stage.
Always pushing the boundaries of rhythm and sonic possibilities, puzzleweasel's compositions are dense storms of, complex brain wave manipulating wonderment. Fusing IDM, breakcore and all things experimental, leaving your synapses tingling and ankles wrecked.

Maia Hauser
Entered the scene as a classical ballet dancer. Though her experience as a choreographer she started to explore the experimental electronica as a composer. Her sonic universe is dramatic and intuitive with a compelling straight forwardness.

...Is a community in Denmark, which has specialized in hosting concerts with ambient, noise or related music since 1997.

Toke Tietze Mortensen
yoyooyoy is an art collective, free of generes and artforms
yoyooyoy is about finding new connections
yoyooyoy is one expression in different forms.

Heidi Mortenson

A promoter named her music tomboytronica. Hints from dancy Electro and nerdy RnB and with an experimental curiosity in a twisted pop production well, that's when you get an idea of what this girl has going on. Add emotional overdrive with a mentalist flavor and a radiating energy.

Breakcore meets the John Travolta of harsh noise. A long shot? You bet!
Pol Mod Pol is brutal harsh noise vs. breakcore beats chopped up with a beyond fucked sense of rhythmics. All while claiming to be dance music just like Britney Spears.

Making disco a threat again since 1999!


Teppop’s sound leads you back to once upon a digital time.
His is denoting music in a straightforward way that deliberately rejects sophisticated artistic techniques. These syntpop-melodies. has a bold directness resembling, for instance the Commodore 64 and other features from the birth of playful interaction with a computer.

Steffen Leven Poulsen.

Composer of Poly space beats.
Steffen is engineering music and sonic fields in Pure Data patches.
And have since 1994 been a member of the legendary Noise ensample Alarm 112 and has made several contributions to the Danish Radio at Ultra-lyd.

Karsten Pflum
Contributes to the electronic music scene with something oddly swinging and complex. Pflum is a creator of twisted yet melodic tracks with an epic quality, exploring the borderland between repetition and rhythmic intricacy.

Jonas Olesen
Heats him self by deconstruction. His warm-hearted analyses forces the puzzles of the abstract into something playful and almost childish. Olesen’s understanding of internal workings of sonic language and conceptual systems transform even glitch into an outstanding and sustaining harmony. This is electro acoustic avant-garde.

Band Ane
Band Ane is producing melodic and well composed electronic music full of life and atmospheres and her approach to the music is anarchistic – completely without any rules of what to do and no to do.
In a delicious way she is using the whole scale of musical elements and she is including genres such as electronica, pop, children’s music, drum and bass and happy hardcore. Both elegant and consistent melted.

Noia Niz
Breakcore and drum’n’bass dj.

Rosa Lux
Techno Dj



We have a close connection to the biggest, and underground-hippest night club in Istanbul. Dogzstar. From where some of our events are gonna blow'n' glow.

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Kære Triangle Project blog medlemmer, forneden er en oversigt over projektet i store træk:

The Triangle Project is a cross cultural international art project that will take place in Copenhagen, New York and Istanbul.

The first stop of the project will take place During the Istanbul Biennial September 2007 (|1).
There will also be several pre-event parties in Copenhagen during the summer to promote the concept along with creating interaction between the artists and the collaborating partners.

Denmark has the potential to set an example for sustainable cultural exchange, cross cultural interaction and communication to the rest of the world. The National Triangle Project is a project building bridges of culture between Copenhagen, New York and Istanbul. The Danish Cultural Ministry is launching a large project creating opportunity for Danish artists to go to New York and broaden their minds, while Istanbul is the city in the future Europe amongts other progressive developments will be European Cultural City 2010.

Going back 1000 years, Istanbul (Miklagaard -The Great City) was the place the Danish vikings travelled to for inspiration and satisfaction of their need for something else than what Denmark had to offer. For the last couple of decades New York City has had the same role, not only for Danes but for all creative people worldwide wanting to expand their horizons.

The project is as much a vehicle for interaction, integration and communication as it is a platform for cultural exchange and launching pad for Danish, Turkish and American artists into a future of new friendships and collaborations in between each others cultural and artistic scenes.

Some other simple facts are that Denmark needs to make a mark in both America and the Middle East as a country of progressive new thoughts and initialize cultural understanding and acceptance between East and West.

This is also underlined by the fact that the Danish Cultural Institute is planning to open a Institute in Istanbul and this project will be a way to lay the grounds for theses plans.

The first meeting took place on sunday june 17th. Present was Jacob Fuglsang, Tania Schlander, Levent Bøilerhauge and Åsmund Boye Kverneland. The aim of the meeting was to define the format of the project's precence at the Istanbul Biennale, and to map out strategies towards sponsors and participating artists.

The Triangle Project will be using the church location (The Hall) as a combined performance/exhibition space and a headquarter during the Istanbul Biennale, making it a centerpoint for all activities of the project. The Hall will mostly be used as an active performance/exhibition space, but will possbily also include a "peoples kitchen", as well as an overview over all collateral events outside the space.

The sponsor(s) should be offered to use all of the documentation material gathered during the Biennale, but should not expect to get their heavily exposed i.e. logos on clothes etc. Credits in official material (program, press kit, project descriptions) will be acceptable.

The artists will be encouraged to look for turkish counterparts in their activities, with an aim for further collaboration when the turkish artists in their turn will be invited to Copenhagen, and further that both Copenhagen and Istabul artists go to New York City to present a common project.

This post is completely my own recap of the meeting, and is not to be seen as an official statement from the Triangle Project board.

This project is very, very exiting.