Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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The CO2 painting over Copenhagen

The CO2 E - Race banner on Rådhuspladsen designed by Will Gurley

Plans are being made to bring the CO2 E - Race Project to New York and Istanbul.
The above map is the map over the CO2 route in Copenhagen. Click on it, to see it closer up. To print it out, remember to use A3 paper.

See more about the project HERE


Will Gurley and Pernille Snedker Hansen exhibits at 2012

The PlaYce Between

The Red Door Way Theater

Got Shingels?

Johan and Ivan through the door theater

Chinese TV filming at the Childrens Sunday Play Day

Hello x 2 ;-)

Cookies and Milk

Website for the show

For Pernille Snedker Hansen

For Will Gurley

Article in Copenhagen Post

The Exhibition was part of Copenhagen Design Week 2009



a series of consecutive dance/music performances – each one of the 7 songs of the collected work – Cabaret D

Sharing across continents, bridged by live broadcast of a performance created beyond boundaries, Muse Me is a model of cosmic spiritual connectedness and communal conciousness : asking how does one dance, and how is music generated, mused? ..

When dancing, a time forray into the future occurs. The dancer invariably dances to the future, hearing beyond time, what will come next. Will experiment with creating an energy flow beyond spatial boundaries, a collaboration to create, compose, perform and dance. A musical score of a prerecorded beat with fluidity will serve as a guide to a relationship of creating together without heirarchies, parallel and entertwined like dna - A memorial of life and birth.

Each performance is enacted through connecting a dance box , located each time in a new neighbourhood, in the public space, to an elsewhere located music setting through the internet, whilst audiences witness the performance in a third location. A 3m x 3m dance box will move through the city for new performance settings each month, starting with Mckibbin Street in Brooklyn, followed by other parts of the city ( Washington Square, Tompkinson Square, and Union Square are possible locations for the next performances )

The first of the MUSE ME series begins at 15pm on Saturday 25th July in Mckibbin Street, Bushwick , during a weekend block party / Art Fair, organized by the community of 700 artists living in Mckibben Lofts.

Mckibbin Street

Mckibbin Street is located in a predominatly Hispanic neighbourhood bordering between housing projects and Williamsburg Industrial Park, where a recent ‘creative gentrification’ of the neighbourhood is creating a tension between the artists and the local inhabitants.

An event which can promote understanding through sharing in the community is one of this weekends wishes. Audience are invited to participate and share food whilst viewing / hearing the performance as it is enacted / created real time.


Muse me is realized through the support of Anadolu Kultur :


More about ‘Muse Me’ can be read on Gul Kozacioglu’s site :


Kelly Armendariez : set design, Ryan Fenderson Scott : video coordination, Jon Martinez : sound engineer, Cory Newton : performance coordination, Nupark - Oguz Oner : music, Scooter : music

Coming up MUSE ME Performances 2009 / 2010

“hiding in the dark”, “lost“, "found“, “She’s the head of snakes”, “Supermarket Song“ and "Only beauty “


SOL - A Midsummer Solstice Celebration Performance at Chelsea Art Museum

"SOL/SUN" - An invocation installation, was realized at the Chelsea Art Museum Midsummer Solstice Celebration on the of june 2009, as a one-nite only real time artwork resulting of a collaboration between Danish Triangle Project artists Claus Ankersen and Mille Kalsmose. The work installation is an audio-visual human-projector embodiment of solar power and solar worship, covering aspects of historical, mythic, magical and esoteric character, and linking human and solar existence, hope and rebirth into a potent, powerful, evocative and spellbinding whole.

Chelsea Art Museum

556 W 22nd st. @ 11th AVE
New York, NY



Captain Hope became Captain Hope after getting an Electric Shock by the Electric Car called WHISPER after a terrible disaster in Danish Industrial and Green history.
The Captain Hope cartoon character was created by Jørgen Bitsch and performed live by Claus Ankersen

To be screened at The Gershwin Hotel with Neke Carson on June 23rd 2009

– Ode to Ishtar and Dionysus
a film by Suzette Gemzøe and Thomas Seest, Transcendens Dilettante, Copenhagen 2009

Primus Erotica is a celebration of the forces of love and sexuality represented by two major gods Ishtar and Dionysus. Before Christianity, there were temples and rites for these matters, but Christianity transformed the gods into witches with major consequences for our emotional life. Playing with fire is a natural ingredient in all spiritual rites and has always been considered a dangerous act.

Three feet, three candles

8 edged star

"We have seen the new Lars Von Trier film; Anti Christ, and felt a need to outlive a symbolic spiritual rite, free from Christian interpretation - we are not Christian, nor anti-Christian, we are dealing with matters that concern 5.000 years of human civilization".

Recipe (for two persons)

2 persona
2 apples
sugar and cinnamon
primus cooker and white spirit
(add cigarettes and wine according to temperament and style)

Gently peel apples, preferably in one long peel, until naked. remove
the core and cut the apples in half, horizontally so that a star
appears on each half. expose the apples to heat and fire, until dark
and soft and consume them with alcohol.
thus ingesting an ancient love potion and redirecting your senses
with the drug of alcohol you will both synchronously enter the
ever persisting realm of sexual energy, mutual desire and quiet,
weightless ecstasy. here Ishtar rules alongside Dionysus, forever
nursing an eight pointed star of fire that will eat you up, possess your bodies, liberate your senses, purify your minds and enable unified transcending energy.



Tristan above playing on Copenhagen's Trinitatis Church House Organ

Tristan Perich was together with Katie Shima recently in Copenhagen (DK) and Malmö (SWE) to perform. In Malmö as part of the "Overhead Festival" produced by Christopher Nelson and in Copenhagen as part of "Festival of Endless Gratitude" produced by Hurraaaa (fomer Bottega Areté). On the 22nd of June he will perform at Scandinavian House in New York as part of The Triangle Project PART 6.

Tristan Perich sites:

One Bit Music:


Website for Scandinavian House:

The Future: Tristan Perich in Copenhagen 2010

Mouritz/Hørslev Project in New York

Brilliant Danish Band with poet and writer Lone Hørslev and musician Mads Mouritz. They will perform as part of PART 6 in New York at Scandinavian House and at Gershwin Hotel with Neke Carson.

Check out their myspace page HERE



The CO2 E - Race Project is in collaboration with Soupa Natural and Distortion hosting the Sunny Happy People Parade, to celebrate the source of all energy and life.

This is the first version of the CO2 E - Race (CO2 Green Drive) that is done. More to come through out 2009 and into the future.

TIME: 19.00
PLACE: AXELTORV - Next to Scala across the street from Tivoli
TO: ENGHAVEPLADS - Where the Parade turns into Dance
WITH: CO2 neutral ways of transportation and Music...passing by spots throughout vesterbronx.

More about Distortion Festival HERE

Sunny Happy People Myspace profile HERE

CO2 E - Race blog HERE
"Dét edderbixme teltede..."

--Morten Leck Plesner og Christian Elovara Dinesen--

"I 2005 boede vi på samme tid i Barcelona, begge for at arbejde med kunst. Som et sideprojekt opstod en ide om en overlevelsestur i bjergene nord for Barcelona. 5 hårde dage med dåsemad, tømmerflåds bygning, overnatning under åben himmel i klippesprækker, garn graffiti og alt for lidt vand m.m. Resultatet, sygdomsperioder for begge, den ene slemmere end den anden, men ikke desto mindre opstod et samarbejde og en fælles interesse om oplevelser og kunst i naturen..".

-Ultra Grøn er social interaktion, non profit, gør det selv
-Ultra Grøn udforsker, undersøger, bygger, maler, handler og tager ansvar
-Ultra Grøn skaber æstetiske værker i naturen, på gaden,
eller i udstillingsrummet
-Ultra Grøn arbejder for en gennemskuelig kunst som de fleste
kan forholde sig til
-Ultra Grøn giver lyst til skabe oplevelser og interaktion med dens miljø
-Ultra Grøn har desværre to onde tvillinger, som vi ikke tager ansvar for

klisterfestz from on Vimeo.

"Dét edderbixme teltede..."

Ultra Grøn ´s første solo-udstilling

Fredag 5. Juni 2009 16.00-23.00
Udstillingen løber indtil 6. Juli

Happy jazz i gaden (gamle vinyler),
ØKOMAD fra grill, kolde øl og chill-out på gaden foran WAS.
Åbningen er en del af Distortion.

SUNNY HAPPY PEOPLE PARADEN kommer at rulle forbi til åbningen på WAS d. 5. Juni

Mere om Ultra Grøn HER



Said about KERIM
"For those of you who like Johnny Cashes Rubin-produced albums, Kris Kristofferssons "This Old Road" and bands/atists such as Nick Cave have got another artist to hold onto through dark, impenetrebele and rainy nights”
“With a presence worhty Leonard Cohen Kerim Arhans voice i spellbinding and the arrangements are a perfect match. Kerim could very well become Swedens answer to Nick Cave”

More about Kerim HERE



"We are whirling through endless space, with an inconceivable speed, all around us everything is spinning, everything is moving, everywhere there is energy. There must be some way of availing ourselves of this energy more directly. Then, with the light obtained from the medium, with the power derived from it, with every form of energy obtained without effort, from the store forever inexhaustible, humanity will advance with giant strides. The mere contemplation of these magnificent possibilities expands our minds, strengthens our hopes and fills our hearts with supreme delight."

- Nikola Tesla, 1891

Below from The Orion Project

We live on a planet that is consistently producing a magnetic field that can be tapped into to power our everyday needs as a virtual free energy source. Through interactions between the inner core of our Earth and that of our Sun, there exists an enormous and vastly untapped source of power.

Nikola Tesla was among the first inventors to successfully extract and make use of this source. By pulling out electrons from the earth and surrounding atmosphere and amplifying the energy using a specific design of coils, he was then able to transmit approximately 100 million volts over an initial distance of 26 miles and illuminating a bank of 200 light bulbs and ran an electric generator, all without the use of transmission lines. Later, he nearly perfected this technology only to have it seized by groups that wanted the device destroyed and the knowledge hidden.

(Bowie as Tesla)

An inventor have recently been identified who has studied and understands this concept. He wishes to remain anonymous at this time, but his background is excellent for this work. The goal is to produce a proof of principle device that is capable of fully powering homes, offices and buildings. Once a successful device is produced, the technology behind the power generation will be scalable to run smaller equipment such as computers and mobile phones, and larger items, such as vehicles and large machinery.

Read more HERE



Portecho - "Studio Plastico"
Music Video Directed by Berkun Oya Director of Photography: Alp Korfali



Balkan Boogie Circus Night

Join the Gypsie Circus for a night on Saturday 28th of March 2009 at the new UNGDOMSHUSET on Dortheavej 61

Fenomenal circus show + Surprice

Orkestar Baxtalo (our heroes)
Jaus jaus hop i danseskoene, musik fra balkanhjertet og

Belaj Kru
Balkan table turners and Dance floor burners

Doors open at 7pm and its free for all

20:12 is a projects space in northwest corner of Copenhagen's Meatpacking
District. It is located above the nightclub Kødboderne 18 (Meat Huts 18) in what used to be a restaurant school educating chefs to cook food.
It will open on Thursday the 19th 2009 at 12 minutes past 8pm.
There will be an art exhibition, musical performances along with spoken word and a party to celebrate and talk about the plans for the space in 2009 & 2010.

For more info and such go the FACEBOOK page

Islak Köpek’s original lineup of Korhan Erel (computer, electronics, melodica), Şevket Akıncı (electric and acoustic guitars), Volkan Terzioğlu (tenor saxophone) and Volkan Ergen (percussion, computer processing) had their first performance in the summer of 2005. Following a series of performances at Galataperform and Jazz Cafe, Dirk Stromberg (electric guitar) and Robert Reigle (tenor saxophone) joined the band in January 2006. The six-piece band played regular gigs at Galataperform as well as other venues and also did some recordings, some of which released as their first album at the end of 2008.

Volkan Ergen left in the summer of 2006 to pursue other musical interests. The five-piece band played at Transit Improvisation Days with Le Quan Ninh and Kirstie Simpson, and Yanaël Plummet in June 2006, followed by a sold-out concert at the Akbank Jazz Festival in September 2006. Dirk Stromberg left the band because of teaching opportunities in Vietnam in 2007.

The remaining four members continued playing venues and making recordings, particularly with musicians such as Richard Nunns, Christian Asplund, Olivier Germain-Noureux throughout 2007 and 2008. They performed at the Body-Process festival A.M.B.E.R. and the second Transit Festival. The band also performed and continues to do so with guest improvisors from the flourishing Turkish scene, such as Umut Caglar (proprietor of the first Turkish free jazz/improv online label, Florent Merlet, Alex Toisoul, Jose Blasco, and David Brosset, all members of the Turkey-based French improv band Have You Seen My Bird.

2008 saw the joining of Dilek Acay on violin, who has been a steady member until her departure for studies in Germany end of March 2009. Kevin Davis on cello is a permanent member as of February 2009.

Islak Köpek have been doing a show on free improvisation and free jazz on Açık Radyo since May 2006, where they interviewed musicians such as Christian Asplund, Richard Nunns, Chris Cutler, and Kevin Davis. The band members performed in different combinations, including other artists in Turkey, the Netherlands, Romania, France, Belgium, Poland, Austria and Germany.

Islak Köpek’s line up as of February 2009 is:

Robert Reigle: Tenor saxophone
Volkan Terzioglu: Tenor saxophone
Dilek Acay: Violin
Kevin Davis: Cello
Sevket Akinci: Electric guitar
Korhan Erel: Computer, electronics, melodica, cracklebox

Islak Köpek have released their first album in November 2008 on A.K. Müzik ( The album features live and studio recordings of the six-piece band in 2006.

The Turkish name "Islak Köpek" means wet dog and was also part of the projects first installation in Istanbul 2007 during the 10th Istanbul Biennial and performed inside The Hall.


SAMINA BAZAI - A Triangle Artist

After two mind-blowing openings Esplanaden Gallery is proud to present the last evening of three:

the 3. part of the trilogy Kataluma by Samina Bazai.

With the exhibition Kataluma Samina Bazai creates a living filmic experiment that extends over a period of 3 weeks and with a new opening every Friday a new part of the story - which has its origins in last Friday’s events - will be revealed to the audience. The beholder will find him/herself in mysterious locations and ancient myths on a journey to a yet unknown destination…

The third film in the trilogy will be shown together with the first two films.

E S P L A N A D E N _ G A L L E R Y

Esplanaden 1c _ 1263 Copenhagen K _ www.ge3.dk_
Tuesday to friday 13-18
saturday 12-15


Samina is also part of the artist duo Paletti who has both been part of the project in New York in 2006 (as seen in the above video made on the Triangle space infront of the Triangular Flatiron building where 23rd Street meets 5th Avenue and Broadway) and in Istanbul 2007 where they were part of the legendary "Alien Invasion" performance with Albertslund Terrorkorps at Dogzstar



Above from after the performance at Lit Lounge New York, June 2008

Atoi and Fake Diamond Records invites you to the release party og their first album “Youth Machine”

Wednesday the 11th of February, 8pm
Flæsketovet 81-85 Kødbyen, Vesterbro (Copenhagen Meatpacking District)

Choir of Young Believers, Giana Factory & La Belle Indifference will play Atoi
Opiate, Kasper Bjørke & Ormen will DJ

Mamamo exhibits his wonderful paper cuts from his designed cover

You can hear the original songs at:

...and listen to some brilliant remixes by Copyfokking, MHM ONE, Opiate and Kasper Bjørke at:


Mille Kalsmose - Outroperspective

WAS-Wonderland Art Space præsenterer ’Outrospective’ – en
soloudstlling med Mille Kalsmose.

Fernisering: Torsdag 12. Februar 2009 kl. 17-22
Udstillingsperiode: 12.02.09 – 02.03.09

Mille Kalsmose har udstillet på kunstmuseer, kunsthaller og gallerier i Istanbul, New York, Barcelona, Budapest, Kanagawa i Japan, og blot i år har man kunne opleve hendes værker i Berlin, New York, Eivissa og Bratislava.
Det går med andre ord rigtig stærkt for den unge og talentfulde kunstner på den internationale kunstscene. Nu har Mille Kalsmose for første gang et solo show herhjemme, hvor hun kan opleves med udstillingen Outrospective i Wonderland Art Space.

Mille had the part of "Angel" in the film "Red's Pyramid" as part of The Triangle Project Part 3 in New York. Part of the "Outroperspective" project was installed at the Karsi Sanat exhibition in Istanbul called "Fill in Blank Space". She also exhibited her daring to fly installation (above photo) at the "Grounded - Was Man Meant to Fly Exhibition" show at ABC No Rio.