Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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Reverie Falls On All - and into The Triangle Project

Reverie Falls On All was formed in the summer of 2003 by Replikas members Barkın Engin and Burak
Tamer. The sound processing improvisations in search for the direction of the collaboration evolved into various textures containing acoustic instruments with the real acoustic qualities of the building, where the sessions took place. Finally the music shaped into a structure that blend the duo’s guitar playing aesthetic with their influences on glitch, noise, 20th Century Music and classical composition.

The musical ideas interfere with sound wise coincidences throughout the composing process. Digital errors, ambient noises, leakage from other spaces become elements of the compositions, each introducing an actual code of framed time. Then these audible codes of the moments connect with the reflections of daily life and transform into musical structures.

RFOA’s debut album Clouds In Our Room has been released in October 2006. The album is available at the discography section of the website.

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

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