Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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Elec-Trip Records artist and Turkey’s hippest act "Portecho" is a “fast rising band” with a “radiant future” as The New York Times put it. The duo, made up of Tan TunÁağ and Deniz Cuylan, interpret dance music in their own way by uniting electronica with rock and adding a touch of the 80s. In "Portecho"s debut album “Undertone”, electronic rhythm sections and hypnotizing English vocals are intertwined with warm guitar melodies.

Tan TunÁağ and Deniz Cuylan got together in 2005 to form "Portecho", they signed to Elec-Trip Records at the end of that year. “Portecho” prepared and recorded “Undertone” (September 2006), with producer Oğuz Kaplangı. Portecho’s first music video from this album was directed by Portecho for the track “Sympathy”.

Tan TunÁağ: Arrangements, vocals, bass guitar
Deniz Cuylan: Arrangements, guitar
In concerts, Portecho can be accompanied by live drums (Ulas Ozbicer) and bass guitar (Ayca Sarigul).

Album and promo photographs: Volga Yıldız

Tan TunÁağ, who combines electronica with acoustic elements in his music, embarked on a musical adventure in London where he played in several clubs. After his return to Turkey, Tan TunÁağ became one of the leaders of new cross-platform art in Turkey, he has been writing music for theatre, films, TV and commercials. TunÁağ has performed in the same events with prominent DJs and electronica groups such as Plaid, Mouse on Mars, The Orb, and Chemical Brothers. Tan TunÁağ is currently working on a project called “Mira”.

Deniz Cuylan brings an alternative angle to modern music through his mixture of groovy electronica and jazz. In addition to performing on stage, he has produced music for television, movies, commercials and fashion shows (D¸sseldorf and Moscow). He first became known in Turkey for his "Maya" project whose "Telecine" album was released in 2003. In 2004, he completed his solo album "Netame" in collaboration with the well-known illustrator Sadi G¸ran. Until recently, Deniz Cuylan has hosted the radio show "Tırtıllar", and he was the editor of the alternative lifestyle-music magazine "Bant". Cuylan is working on an album with the ethnic-electronic music band, Norrda. Deniz Cuylan has been a producer at Elec-Trip since June 2007.

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