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Camille Jones

With the latest smash hit "The Creeps" from her 3rd album -
"Surrender" - the multi talented Danish-born singer, musician,
composer, arranger, and producer Camille Jones has struck gold.
But insisting grooves and intriguing vocals isn't all Camille Jones
has to offer. Her new album also presents high quality songwriting in
the classic sense, combining mature lyrics about love, rejection, and
pride with melodies to keep.

Camille Jones possesses a raw energy and power that she carefully
knows when to hold back and when to let loose. Her music is highly
dynamic and rich on details in the tingling soundscape underneath the

Since Camille Jones is her very own in style and sound namedropping
shouldn't be necessary - but musical fix points and inspirations would
include acts like Prince, Stevie Wonder, Wendy & Lisa, Dolly Parton,
Chicks on Speed, D'Angelo, MeShell NdegeOcello and Missy Elliott.

The special Camille Jones sound blends contemporary r'n'b with classic
soul, guitar rock, and folk. The result is a lively, curious, and
highly personal mix tied together by Camille Jones' expressive vocals
and meaningful lyrics.

Through the years Camille Jones' contributions to the Danish music
scene has been numerous. As singer, guitarist, kayboard player and
percussionist she has been offering her personal touch to such diverse
artists as abstract hip hop act Pelding, Danish rap favorites Malk de
Koijn, cult funkateer Abdullah S, independent rocker Maya Albana, and
the r'n'b and pop music of Mark Linn, Thomas Helmig, and Anne Linnet.

Camille Jones' first album "Daddy Would Say" came out in 2000 on Warner Music and included the monster hit "Nothing Comes From Nothing". The album gave Camille Jones a nomination as "Female Singer
of the Year" at the Danish Music Awards 2001. Camille has also contributed to the soundtrack to the Swedish film "Det blir aldrig som man tänkt sig". With her new album "Surrender" she has signed to a
smaller record company, gaining full artistic control of the current and furture recordings.

Camille Jones is a multi-talent young woman with great personal and
artistic integrity. She can do whatever she wants – and she does.
The hit single "The Creeps - That Kid Chris Mix" is released in USA by
Tommy Boy Records. Within the first two weeks it made it to #15 on Billboards Hot Dance Club Play.

"The Creeps" is also out in Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece,
Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Spain,
France and South Africa. The minimalistic and innovative video for "The Creeps" - made by
Mikkel Serup - was nominated for a Danish Music Award 2005.

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