Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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Danish Artist and intergalactic traveller, working situationistically with spokenwords and live-literature, poetry, fiction, installation, video- and soundscapes, painting and various cross-over forms. Originally educated in Cultural Anthropology and Communications at Universities in Aarhus (AAU), Copenhagen (KU) and Santa Barbara (UCSB), Claus Ankersen constantly examines and questions the human condition. Claus Ankersen has been instrumental in the development of Danish spoken word, and is a legendary figure in Danish Slam Poetry, although he only competes with him self and his artistic strive towards deeper understanding of man.


Claus Ankersen is a multifacetted artistic and creative fountainhead, he works situationalistically, exploring and channeling the chaotic here and now into text, spoken words, sound- and videoscapes, installation, paintings or whatever expression suits.

As part of the triangle project # 4, I will exhibit video installation and do live performance in clubs and outdoor. I will seek to coorperate with the tyrkish artists. I will also do live painting outside.
I will try to create new material while in Istanbul, reflecting the contextual atmosphere. I would love to cooperate with musicians and dj's performing spokenword poetry in clubs or outdoor
I would love to work with artists, creating artwork and installation in situ
I would also like to cook
I would love to show videoinstallations outside, projected onto walls
Also live outdoor performance poetry, lovely to coop. with tyrkish poets and performers as well
I believe in being togetherness and would like to continue and explore further the relationships founded during The Triangle Project part # 2 and # 3
I am also in continuos process of documenting and reflecting upon The Triangle in words and works


Like New York, Istanbul is several worlds in one. But perhaps even more segregated onto fragments with little or no interaction. Thus we are dealing with hyper-fragmentet cultural realities in the
same city, with an enormus difference betwen rich and poor, between classes and kinds.

Writing these lines, I am compelled to explore this dynamic by deploying a matter-out-of-place tactic, pondering the quirky effects it could have to present art -in contexts where the majority of art
consumption is somewhat differently focussed. Taking the arts to the streets is one thing, taking the street art into the fine salons, is another. Thus presenting revolutionary spokenword monologues for an upper-class segment, for instance will have a greater impact, than if presented in a street culture: Examples:
Dinner readings – I would like to read for people while they eat (private contexts)
TV and Broadcast – To reach as great a segment as possible
Executive VIP readings

Put poetry on the streets
Put poetry everywhere

Another thing I would like to do, is live commenting people in the streets with megaphone or PA (everybody with' green hair, please report to the mayors office at this instant, everybody with moustaches.. etc.. perhaps in cooperation with a turkish artist that can do instant translation and shout the same in turkish..or the opposite)

Summing up these lines, I am all for communitas and coorperation, curious, creative and focussed on playfully grasping a hold of the big old here-and-now, and see how it can be molded into some kind of expression, making a point, and hopefully making a difference.

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