Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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Panel debate about the new art platform "Intentional Art""

In the panel:

- Ole Fogh Kirkeby is a Danish philosopher and a professor at Copenhagen Business School in the Philosophy of Leadership.

- Gry Worre Hallberg operates in the intersection of performance art, research, activism and future studies continuously executed in 1:1 co-created experiments such as Dome of Visions, Sisters Academy and In100Y.

- Jonathan Lang  has spent more than 10 years in marketing working with hologram projection, emerging technologies, digital, social and all that other stuff healthy, ambitious, young, marketing professionals should be doing, for clients all over the world.

Jonas Hvid Søndergaard graduated from The Royal Danish Art Academy as a painter.

-Claus Ankersen is a writer, performer and spoken-word artist who studied Communivation and Philosophy at Aarhus University and University of California in Santa Barbara, along with Anthropology at Copenhagen University.

Rasmus Nordqvist, Chairman of the board of The Alternative. Rasmus works as designer and teacher within fashion design.(since this was produced in 2014, he is now in Parliment for The Alternative)

- Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen is an artist, curator and project manager of several cultural projects initiated by the Dansih Cultural Institute. He is also a Candidate for the new Danish political party "The Alternative".

Hosted by Christian Gade Bjerrum

More info about the panel debate and the participants HERE

Gry Worre Hallberg talks about the Sisters Academy & Sisters Hope

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