Artist Exchange & Collaboration Experiments.

The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe. However most of the time between Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York.
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The Triangle Project will at Roskilde Festival 2013 some-what have a role of a Trojan Horse. The Project has a signed contract with the Festival giving the crew of over 10 people a budget, places to sleep, food, drinks and has payed for the travel expenses for the New York, Istanbul and Berlin based Triangle Artists. Once inside the tightly secured premises af the festival, the Horse will open and a crew of Political Activists will bust out moves that will paint the Festival more Red Orange, than Blue Orange. There will be several Panel Debates, Workshops and an Activist Parade tagging the festival with a Triangle, via an APP.

The Panel Debate at Art Zone's Velvet State's Stage on
Saturday the 6th of July at 14:00

Lars Trier Mogensen - Political Commentator and host of the new radio program "Det Røde Felt" on Radio24syv

Some Questions that will be brought up:

> Is Political Activism at it's Tipping Point on a Global Scale in 2013?

> Does Artists have a responsability on the Political Scene?

> How come Young Danes are so un-interested in Political Activism?

> Should Roskilde Festival Change Bank?

> What can we learn from Occupy Gezi Park and Wall Street?

> Is Denmark USA's Trojan Horse in Europe?

Introduction by Spoken Word Artist Claus Ankersen

In the panel:

Stencil by Ari Alpert/Osman Productions from Istanbul

Ari Alpert
- Street Artist, Co-founder of Istanbul Underground Art Crew "OSMAN PRODUCTIONS" and DJ from Istanbul. He is known for his "Lady in Red" stencil that has been censored and painted over by the City of Istanbul.

Self Portrait - Brendon Stuart

The "99%" Project in collaboration with Tom White and Sombra Projects

Brendon Stuart - A photographer and artist based in Brooklyn New York. He has traveled by bus photographing the expanses of of the US geographic and social landscape, as well as visually document the rise of The Occupy Movement in the heart of New York. He explores interests in photographing subjects such as the idea of "The American Dream" as well as relationships between fact and fiction. This will be his first trip across the Atlantic to Denmark, where many of his family roots originate

Anup Yogi Desai - Lecturer of Geography and Philosophy at the City University of New York, a lifelong New Yorker who has spent time studying and living in Mexico City, and India. A person dedicated to educating the fortunate on the plight of the poor and someone who saw Occupy Wall Street as a way of being the truth that the poor have experienced to the masses.
For OWS he organized community events and marches with Soup Kitchens, after school centers and anti-war activists who have served in war (Veterans for Peace). Was part of the press team at OWS doing interviews and articles for news agencies around the world to spread our message

Peter Ahrenfeldt Schrøder from the Danish Activist group "SKIFT BANK/CHANGE BANK", who leading up to Roskilde Festival have initiated the challenge for the Festival to Change Bank away from the un-ethical Danske Bank.

Video from Pre-event at Dome of Visions above

David Francois Diego Rey - Master of Science in Finance and International Business, involved with the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project. Gardener, video documentarist promoting local and sustainable initiatives such as Makvaerket, Folkekøkken and Byhaven.


After the Panel Discussion and Q & A there will be a Workshop following a Activist Parade starting at PART ZONE more HERE

Art Zone/The Velvet State:

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